a lil gun shy on buying another akita ... worried about breeders

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my first akita passed away from a birth defect because of bad breeding . And my second had stomach probs that the vet said one of the parents had to have had. so has anyone every herd of Freddy Hurst . or Freddy’s canines .... This is his web site.... www.akitasandpitbulls.comi have seen allot of vids and pics his dogs seem well loved .... And taken care of.... give me your opinion plz

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I share your apprehension; I purchased a purebred Akita from a well known breeder in Oregon and my poor boy was diagnosed with hip dysplasia and VKH.

Before you buy an Akita or any other breed for that matter, make sure the parents of the puppy you are interested in are registered with www.offa.org. You can search this site by the breeders name, the puppy’s parents names, or what I use is the AKC registration number.

If the breeder you are looking at does not register their dogs with this organization, then I would NOT get a dog from this person! Breeders who truly care about their dogs register them with OFA and do all of the health clearances for hip dysplasia, VKH, pemphigus, etc.

I checked the website you posted then I went to www.offa.org and checked for the dogs he had listed on his website and they are not registered with OFA. if I were you I would contact the ACA – Akita Club of America www.akitaclub.org and ask for a list of breeders in your area. Then I would visit the breeder, and then visit the homes of dogs the breeder had placed. This is the only true way of knowing what you are getting yourself into when dealing with a breeder!

If you want an older dog then by all means contact the Akita rescue organizations, there are several.
www.akitas.org/index.html, www.akitarescuewny.com/ or www.akitaclub.org/rescue/resgroups.html

I hope the above helps you be more informed in your final decision.

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thank you that dose help . he has alot to say about pedigree but not much about anything else i am not sure how i feel about it