The Great Japanese dog " AKITA INU"

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is ainu or akita the same as the great japanese dog, the real akita inu??? i know there is different breeds of these but i was just wondering if there were someone whit a akitainu out there........
Just fun to talk to people whit the same dog wave
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The Great Japanese Dog is the international akita association AKIHO's and the FCI's name for the AKC Standard of akita. The Akita Inu or Magati Inu or Japanese Akita is the JKC Standard of akita. Essentially, during the migration of the breed from Japan to America, more than one type of Japanese dog came over as an "akita" including a fighting dog version and also a version mated with GSDs to ensure the survival of the breed during WWI. What exactly is the difference? The Great japanese Dog or American Akita is bigger in stature and also has a bigger bone structure. The coat colors are much more accepting allowing bi- and tri-color pintos. The muzzle also sports differences. Meanwhile the Japanese Akita is squarer, slightly smaller in structure, has a more prominent tuck in its abdomen and is acceptable only in white, red and brindle colorations. In addition, the two breeds have different temperaments. In the US, however, there has not been a majority vote in favor of splitting the breeds as there has been internationally. So, as of yet the US only has the ACA (Akita Club of America) though there has been a push for a branch of JACA (Japanese Akita Club of America) with Americans breeding to the JKC standard and pushing for a split in the States as abroad.