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Barked: Wed Jan 9, '08 7:35am PST 
I'm getting frustrated, not because she does this so often, but she seems so happy to bite me or at me. What has worked for you, and keep in mind... she is only 12 weeks.

Barked: Sun Jan 13, '08 8:09am PST 
Hi! I experienced this too...and there are many ways to try and deal w/ it. First, the trainer of my puppy class told me to "yelp" whenever the puppy's teeth touched me, then turn away and ignore him. I guess this mimicks other puppies behavior. This didn't work too well for me...so then I went to my breeder, who suggested that when he bit/nipped me, to say "no" and then hold palm up to his nose and push slightly...not hard! You don't want to do this often or hard...but it worked for me. I only had to do it a few times and he got it. Also, if you refrain from rough-housing with him, that helps. I notice that my dog is more likely to nip my boyfriend who rough-houses with him, but won't do it to me. I've read someplaces that akitas are known to put their mouth on you to lead you places, or communicate, so if you're ok with that, just be sure to teach him how hard is ok and not ok. My guy will nibble or nip me when he wants something (to play, to go outside) but he won't do it with hardly any pressure, and I'm ok with that.

Jasmine - "Hip Swinger"
Barked: Fri Jan 18, '08 6:48pm PST 
When I was 12 weeks I nipped a few times, The bipeds said "no" to me and I stopped within a few weeks. I still pull the big oaf when he doesn't listen and I need the ladies but I'm quite gentle now and my new teeth are not like needles.

I don't get my treat unless I take it gently, he's not very clever though as he thinks he taught me by saying "gently" and not giving me anything when I wasn't.

I guess when I nipped it was just a puppy thing. Like their pups I grew out of my bad habits with their patience.