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Suki Kami of the Northern Lake

People?.......- Where!
Barked: Sun Sep 16, '07 12:59am PST 
puppermint biscotti.... a doggy biscotti... it cleans her teath, freashens her breath and she can't get enuff of them

Barked: Wed Aug 20, '08 7:35pm PST 
Well my akita "Porscha" LOVES "Scooby Snacks"! You can buy them from Petsmart in the snack area. And also she loves all kinds of meat snacks such as steak, chicken, Hamburger meat and bacon. But yeah she loves "Scooby Snacks" the most.....she will sit in from of the box and nug the box with her nose and start to howl! Its to cute!! laugh out loud
Bully's Beau

I'm a sexy- beast, NOT an- aggressive one!
Barked: Fri Aug 29, '08 2:04am PST 
Beau loves just about anything, but he is extremely allergic to soy, beef, wheat, dairy and pork. So...all of the above puts a limit on what he can tolerate. He does ok with Mother Hubbard P-Nutters though. And goodness knows he likes them!


All the snow- belongs to me...
Barked: Sun Jan 25, '09 8:35am PST 
Dogswell jerky treats, happy hips apple/chicken or banana chicken, realmeat jerky treats, oh and Dr. chew sweet potato chews
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