Betcha Can't Have Just One!?

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Mischievous- Little Imp!
Barked: Sun Mar 11, '07 6:13pm PST 
Milo is a 1 yr & 4 month old Monkey Brat. I am so in love with this breed - I may be crazy but I really want another one! My question is, When is a good time to add a second Affen to the household? IS there a better time (should I wait til Milo is a bit older)? Is there a certain way to introduce a new puppy, esp an Affen puppy, to an elder Affen - ie the Man of the House?! Milo does get rather jealous if I pay attention to another dog... so I do have some concerns, but he does love to play with his sister, Ting, when he gets to see her... Any advice is greatly appreciated!!! Woof!