Do your Yorkshire Terrier smell

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Barked: Thu Jan 12, '12 11:43am PST 
2 weeks ago I gave a home to a 6 months old Yorkshire Terrier who had lived with an old couple who could no longer look after him. Dudley is his new name. When I bought Dudley home he had a horrible smell about him. After seeing the vet, he could find no reason for the smell, but recommended this shampoo Seleen shampoo . At the moment theres no smell from Dudley so if your dog have a bad smell try this shampoo and love your dog!puppy

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I bathe my yorkie regularly so his body doesn't smell but his breath does. I try to brush his teeth but his breath still smells. It drives me crazy.
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Greenies may help, plenty of water may assist with the breath. My Trudy Ann has been rather snippy lately. Shes 2.5 and not yet fixed. Is this typical behavior of a female that's not been fixed? Shes also been hunmping like crazy.shock