Food and Toys for Yorkies

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Barked: Sat Jan 9, '10 8:57pm PST 
I would like to know what kind of toys your Yorkies love? Mine seems to eat through his toys so quick. I do not want him to swallow strings and plastic.

Also what are some foods and treats you give your yorkies?

Barked: Mon Jan 11, '10 12:49pm PST 
For toys, ours like rope bones, rope balls, and Nylabones the best. They are also pretty durable.

For treats, our dogs like Zuke's Mini Naturals, No Grainers, Milk Bone, and just about any other kind of treats.

For food, we feed mostly Nature's Variety. We try others occassionally though.

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Barked: Fri Apr 2, '10 12:57pm PST 
Fiona has lots of toys, kongs, baby dolls, and she doesn't ever chew them to pieces, which is good, she loves her purina food, and she gets very little table food, however, she is OBESSED with popcorn! laugh out loud


Barked: Tue Apr 13, '10 7:30am PST 
For food we are currently feeding Healthwise chicken and oatmeal. We were feeding Nature's Variety and really liked it, but I've been unemployed for 4 months now and we've had to switch to something a little cheaper. They are doing well on the Healthwise though. We also tried Whole Earth Farms, but it gave the dogs horrible gas (just like all Diamond foods do) so we haven't used it since. For treats, we use Zukes Mini Naturals and Milk Bones. For toys, they have rope bones, rope balls, Nylabones, and some other soft toys.

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Barked: Sat May 8, '10 9:43am PST 
I feed orijen and lots of natural balance food rolls. they get lunch meet, cheese and chicken also. I feed her raw once a week to help clean her teeth.

Barked: Tue Sep 21, '10 9:51am PST 
Mine get Evanger's Pheasant and Brown Rice kibble.

Two days ago I started raw for breakfast.

Nick, my purebred yorkie, won't even taste the raw.

Daisy, my yorkie/chi mix, likes it pretty well.

They have plush toys and rope toys that they love. The will on occasion ruin a plush toy, though.

Barked: Mon Dec 27, '10 7:41am PST 
I just recently discovered Bully Sticks, thanks to my great friends at YT. My babies love them and they are so much better for them than raw hides