I have a 9 month old teacup yorkie that screams when she poops.... any suggestions

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* Chance *

Barked: Sat Sep 5, '09 8:35pm PST 
My yorkie is 9 months old and a lil over a pound. She is in good health and has not problems getting around, she's full of energy and jumps on and off the couch without assistance. Recently, she has started crying when she goes to poo. She just screams her head off and then darts across the room (pooping as she runs). She cannot stay still when she has to poo.
I took her to the vet after she started doing this, but they figured she was constipated and prescribed her a tube of laxative to be taken twice daily. After two weeks of the laxative, it still has not helped the issue. I have even tried changing her food, but that did not change anything either.
Has anyone else had this issue with their yorkie or other small breed dog? Any help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated. thanks!!

Barked: Tue Jul 16, '13 8:04am PST 
For the benefit of others who might be having the same problem, the following suggestions:
1. 1 tsp olive oil in food daily
2. Omegas (from fish or oil supplement) daily
3. Make sure the pup is getting a bit of fiber in the diet as opposed to raw meat only as puppies need the fibrous material
4. Always keep fresh filtered water available
5. encourage high-water content snacks
6. If your canine still has problems, as is exercising daily, try a stool softener (laxatone, lactulose, or DSS) and a little KY glycerin chip suppository (you do not want to do this all the time but it is great for occasional constipation).

Keep a record of any issues so you can inform your vet.

Hope this helps