Itchy skin---help!

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Barked: Sat May 19, '12 1:04am PST 
Just discovered that skin problem is most likely due to clipping, wish I had stuck to the hand stripping. If any owners are having skin problems I suggest they look at grooming first as I have spent a fortune on specialist treatments all of which failed to cure the problem.

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I have tried aleo, Lavender oil oatmeal soap.I just put baking soda & warm water on Kila,s back it seems to be helping a little bit.I also have been told that avon Skin so soft really helps the itchy,s.Get your baby wet put some on,rub in rinse off.I will let you know how Kila fares.If you have anymore natural rememides for chafed skin or itchy without a lot of fleas let us know.

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I'd like to ask where the problems of itchy skin are.
Is it inside the paws?
Is it the top of the feet?
Is it on top of the tail?
Is it on top of the back?
Is it under the chin?
Is it in the center of the chest?
Is it the base or side of the tail?
When you look inside the ears are they full of hair?
Are the toes elongated and normal or do they look like they are curling down?
I have an idea of the source, but I only have my own dog's case.


Barked: Mon Feb 4, '13 11:05am PST 
I am here with all of you guys. My WFT is 3 years old.

She is super itchy - her back knees are bare from biting the hair off, she has two hot spots on her sides that she itches constantly and then sometimes her ears or snout.

We have been to allergists and vets and everything. She is on Dick Van Patten Limited Ingredient food - but by reading some other posts, thinking we should change it. She has done the allergy medication to no avail.

She has never been stripped, mostly because its hard to find a groomer that will do it.

She started taking Atopica (immune suppressant) for about two weeks and it helped very slightly. I cannot say for sure because it was only two weeks (the vet that prescribed us it we no longer see, so we did not get it filled again)

She will get a bath about once every 2 weeks.

I wish there was something we could do.

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