Who Pretended to be a Dog When They Were a Kid?

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short, dark, and- handsome
Barked: Mon Mar 12, '12 12:06am PST 
Natcho- WOW. That's hilarious. Bol. laugh out loud

bitches love- pantaloons
Barked: Mon Mar 12, '12 8:10pm PST 

I pretended to be all sorts of animals when I was little. I also treated my stuffed animals as if they were alive and had names for every single one of them (which is a lot!)
Zak (7/20/01- - 5/15/13)

Ready for the- clubhouse!
Barked: Thu Apr 5, '12 5:22pm PST 
I saw kids pretending to be dogs on the playground TODAY! The dog was a bad dog and trying to bite but he was barking and biting at the "human". It was a mixed group of girls and boys...maybe 2nd grade. laugh out loud


Play hard, sleep- well.
Barked: Sat Sep 7, '13 10:28am PST 
I sure did! I would "corral" myself like a horse in it's pen when I was like three. I used to love horses.

When I was five I pretended that I was a white cat. I don't really know why.

When I got to be like 7 I would pretend that I was an orca whale (because they were my favorite animal and the subject of my second grade animal report) named Tsunami.
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