"________ needs, looks like, loves, wants, does, hates, goes" Google game

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Barked: Fri May 6, '11 12:41pm PST 
This game is played just like the "likes" game, but you put in these words instead. Go to Google, put your dog's name in quotation marks, then put each of these words after that, and see what comes up. I'll start.

Gracie needs a new home. (Nope.)
Gracie looks like an idiot. (So wrong.)
Gracie loves leather on Vimeo. (Ummm, no.)
Gracie wants one more UFC fight. (I'm a lover, not a fighter.)
Gracie does it. (Not too clear on this one.)
Gracie hates snow. (I do not!)
Gracie goes to schooner school. (BOL. I don't go to any school.)
Jackson Tan

Lad about town
Barked: Tue May 24, '11 12:29am PST 
Great idea Gracie!

Jackson needs to be at his best. (I guess this is true?)

Jackson looks like the sorta person you'd see in Asda speakin to lettuce. (What's Asda? A supermarket? I've never seen him chatting with fresh produce.)

Jackson wants to give fans what they want. (I'm sure he would if he had any!)

Jackson does not rule out the possibility of a goolsbyshue affair. (What's a goolsbyshue? Is this dirty?)

Jackson hates gay kissing on Glee. (That homophobe!)

Jackson goes shopping. (Yes but he waits outside.)


Barked: Tue May 24, '11 1:00am PST 
Conker needs to make a good comeback (I hope not XD)
Conker looks like a cute little forest creature ( Sure does! Looks like a fox!)
Conker Loves To Kill The Frogs (I bet he would.)
Conker wants candy! (Yes... all the time.)
What does conker mean? (Haha that one came out backwards)
Conker hates the logo (Dunno why.)
Conker Goes to War (Every day. Against my hands and face.)


Oh, is it a- dream?
Barked: Mon Jun 20, '11 7:13pm PST 
Khloe needs a bikini wax. (... LOL)
Khloe totally looks like Elvis Presley. (Haha, what?)
Khloe loves Justin Beiber. (I... I don't think he does.)
Khloe wants to be a mom too. (That's... not gonna happen. BOL)
Khloe does not like avocados. (Not sure, never fed him one & not going to.)
Khloe hates her body.
Khloe goes to jail. (BOL!)
Dozer ~ CGC

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Barked: Sun Jul 31, '11 4:17pm PST 
Dozer needs a home (With me!)
Dozer looks like (I got no suggestions. lol!)
Dozer loves (Nothing again. Sigh!)
Dozers wants drivers (0.o)
(what) Dozer does mean (nothing!)
Dozer hates (again, nothing! ...that might be a good thing)
Dozer goes (Nothing again...)

Lesson of the day: Do not give your dog a non-human name. Case in point: Dozer.

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Barked: Wed Aug 24, '11 4:50pm PST 
Mack needs more memory. (I beg to differ...)
Mack looks like a negative. (More like a positive!)
Mack loves his family. (You bet.)
Mack wants answers.(To know why people are so scared of him, of course.)
Mack does/n't turn on. (I mean I like to sleep and all but...)
Mack hates Australia. (The place with the Kangaroos?)
Mack goes to the UFO convention. (Yeah, Okay. As long as there's food!)

way to go