Let's cut them some slack !

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Rules were meant- to be broken !
Barked: Fri Aug 7, '09 9:57pm PST 
Ahh , I know my Mommy goes on & on about me on Answers & Forums looking for tips & tricks to keep her sane from my hyper activity & crazy antics snoopy

So now, (finally!) she's decided to make a list of all the GOOD things I do, sure they may be small, but they sure are mighty puppy

V look below V

1. I always return my ball when playing fetch
2. I listen to my mommy when she tells me to stop rough housing with the cat smile
3. I'm aloud off-leash ! (YAY times 1000!)
4. I lie on my bed nicely (most the time) when I have "inside time"
5. I'm 95% of the time gentle - except for my bad days!

Now you list 5 things that your mommy or Daddy appreciates about you, I'm sure they have lots ! wink

People need to- be like me and- sleep more
Barked: Tue Aug 11, '09 10:48pm PST 
1. I don't need to be played with. I sleep most of the time.
2. I don't eat that much, saving them lots of money!
3. I'm never in the way, 'cause I'm always under the couch sleeping.
4. I'm easy to bathe.
5. I'm always loving!

Car Ride?
Barked: Mon Sep 7, '09 3:56am PST 
I am always a good boy and I listen.
I come when called.
I keep out of the way for the most part
I can be let off the leash in the yard.
I never run away