Dog Haiku & Sound Effects For Your Dog

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Barked: Thu Mar 12, '09 7:17am PST 
Seeing as how this forum is for people who feel silly, and my web site YUCKLES! has the motto "Silly as we wanna be," I thought I'd let you all know about the dog-themed fun pages I've made.

There's Dog Haiku," where you can read funny haiku poems about dogs.

And then there's Sound Effects For Your Dog, a fun way to play with your dog indoors. Not all dogs respond to the sound effects but many do.

Finally, there's Mr. Poodle Head, the Poodle dress-up game. Fun for kids and silly grownups, too.

YUCKLES! has fun pages for cat lovers, too including "How To Give Your Cat A Bath," "Sound Effects For Your Cat" and "Singing Cats."

Please let me know what you think!