Who is or are your favorite celebrity or famous dog(s)?

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dogs are so much- smarter then- cats
Barked: Tue Jul 21, '09 1:09pm PST 
mine is air bud or mosse from friaser

Won't you come- see about me?
Barked: Tue Jul 21, '09 3:21pm PST 
Marley!!! dog

Jumping the- fence is the- life.
Barked: Thu Jul 30, '09 11:02am PST 
I love shiloh the beagle!


Is your breed- next? Ban BSL.
Barked: Thu Jul 30, '09 10:04pm PST 
I have to say Lassie and Fly, the Border Collie from Babe.
*R.I.P.*- Bambi- *R.I.P.*

All about the- kisses
Barked: Tue Aug 18, '09 10:03pm PST 
I think his name is Dewie..?? From K-9
Wrinkles- (RIP)

Sweet Lil\\\'- Prune Face
Barked: Tue Sep 1, '09 5:06pm PST 
Oprah Winfrey cause she loves dogs & even had a show where she spoke out against puppy mills.snoopy
Ebony Ursula-

Lil' Miss- Busy-Body
Barked: Tue Sep 1, '09 5:15pm PST 
I don't know if many of you have heard of her but I like "Faith" the dog that learned to walk upright on her two hind legs. She was on Oprah & has been on countless other shows. She's an inspiration. She was born without her front legs so she learn to hop & walk like a human. I also like "Daddy," Cesar Milan's pitbull. He's dreamy!cloud 9
Quinndred- Spirit

Yeap I do wiggle- when I walk:-)
Barked: Wed Sep 2, '09 11:46am PST 
Mine is Digby the biggest dog in the world.....a HUGE olde english sheepdog...just think with a friend like that you could live a lifetime on one of his mealssmile
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