Animal Crossing Fans Unite!

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Barked: Mon Sep 1, '08 10:21am PST 
Hey all you animal crossing fans out there!
If you clicked on this forum, you MUST like animal crossing. Well, here you are! First off, here are some cool websites to go on, if you are evr bored and need something to do.



These websites are awesome! The second one was made by my owner! Go online and see what you think, or maybe even leave a comment for my owner.
Me and my best friend sam love animal crossing wild world! If you do too, YAY YOU! dancingdancingdancingdancingdancingdancingdancingdancingdancing

SO yeah. The first question for this forum will be-
Q1- Who is worse, Benedict or Resseti???
YOU DECIDE! (if you don't know who benedict is, vote resseti, he sucks eggs)

Bark bark for now,