Which Celebrity Are You??

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Queen Of The- Universe
Barked: Thu Apr 23, '09 11:56am PST 
Maggie May is.....

Gwen Stefani
Style & Talent

A stuff-strutter and a trend-setter, Maggie May is rock star Gwen Stefani!

There's no doubt that Maggie May was born to entertain—her vintage look mixed with her modern style keep her public (not to mention her owner) coming back for more. Her jaw-dropping looks may mean that she's a common occurrence on the PetStar Magazine 50 Most Beautiful Pets list, but a player she is not: Maggie May is as loyal as they come. Despite the amount of attention she receives from devoted fans, it's not hard to see that underneath that well-groomed rock and roll coat, Maggie May is, after all, just a girl.

Sawyer is

Johnny Knoxville
Up for Anything

The kind of pet that can leap tall fences in a single bound (or not, but give it a shot anyhow), Sawyer is the original Jackass, Johnny Knoxville!

Going through the pain so you don't have to, Sawyer knows that he trots a fine line between funny and stupid, but he doesn't care—he's laughing about it all the way to the pet store. His over-the-top antics make you grimace with fear and you often find it hard to believe that he actually enjoys playing the class clown. But Sawyer laps it up and continues to defy the odds, despite your warnings and concerns. Other males in the pack tend to be a little jealous of Sawyer, but the females find him simply dreamy. A die-hard good ol' boy, Sawyer is more of a General Lee type than a Knight Rider, but give him enough time to think things through and he's sure to find a way to wreck both vehicles at the same time.

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