Meatballs GOFA 08 contest

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Maximus Hugmongous

Moms 4 legged- soul mate
Barked: Tue Mar 11, '08 10:11am PST 
GOFA 08 Go Orange For Animals! Tag your photo of you and something orange GOFA 08!

Get to tagging! The prizes are off the hook!way to go

Thank you to Meaty and OZ for hosting the 3rd annual GOFA 08 contest!


We are SO excited. You guys have to check out all this neat stuff. Dogsters are some of the most generous puppers {people} around! Tell your pals ......TAG GAOFA 08!

Buddy ~ $10.00 Zealie Pkg.

Rosie & Vincent ~ 50 Zealies

Rondo ~ A absolutely off the hook orange, handmade purse { link to be added soon!}
JUST ADDED AS A SEPERATE PRIZE: A second handmade gift! Possibly a hat,beret, scarf ..... we'll know as soon as the yarn tells Rondo what it wants to be { How cute is that?!} BOL

Elvis ~ A custom, framed painting done by Elvis' Mom!

Jeannie ~ 5 Rosettes

Duke ~ 20 Zealie Pkg plus 2 sets of 5 Zealies

River ~ $25.00 Zealie Package

Helga & Ellie ~ $10.00 Zealie Pack

Kenya ~ A handmade orange blanket

The N''Walins Gang~ A $20 donation to the rescue of the winners choice

Myself and Oz ~ A $25.00 Merrick treat basket

George Underwood ~ Toy and treat gift basket {will get with the winner to make sure favorites are sent. Estimated value $20.00

Dutch~ Custom made crate pad,blanket and pillow. Personalized for winner.
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