Missing............... PLeasee help?

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Barked: Sun Dec 2, '07 2:07pm PST 
We have a missing dog in the family. Her name is Catie Kuppcake Clay. Listen up, Catie has been lost for almost a year. We can not find her. She is a Border Collie/Breed Unknown. When we last saw her, she was with her son, Cody Mitchell Thomas Clay and daughter Brenda Farely Clay. Catie was Summer's best friend but she has been missing since Dec. 27th 2006. She was black, brown, and a lil white. She loved to run, she loved to lick, and she loved her cat friends. Once we got some pics up of her, please please please help us find her.
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Please stop posting this in every fourm. It does not involve being silly, virtual playing, or crushes, voting, ect.. There is a thread for these kind of things.

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