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Barked: Thu Sep 20, '07 10:58am PST 
Okay, guys, let's make a book! Not just any old book, the big book of Dogsters!

Each dog must type about themselves. They must include their bio and life story and post links to their photographs, or tell me which photo they are using on their page. The photos and the stories will be added to a document and I shall keep that file very safe on my computer. Then I will try and do something with the file. I may send it to Dogster for them to post in their blog, I may send it to Lulu to be published, I might even just mention it in my diary and that will be that but that is a long way away and I don't know yet. But please follow the rules below if you want to submit anything!

Each dog must either PM me or reply in this thread, typing their biography as if they (not their owner) was telling the story. They must include a link to at least one photo so as I can add to the book/document. When we have over 100 dogsters, I may think of doing something with the book.

So what do you guys think? Remember to include your life story, how you met your owners, all the information you have on your dogster page and I will get to work on The big book of Dogsters. But of course it won't be called that, it will be called something else. If anypup can think of a quirky name for the book, let me know.

Love and licks,
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Here's the group which gives you another way of sending info:


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I'm sorry no one came yetfrown. I might come back tomorrow and write about me. Your idea interests me.

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(I'll send you the link later)

Hi! I am a Pembroke Welsh Corgi named Lucy. My story is quite a funny one actually. You see mom found me online and called asking if they could hold me- Little puppy number 5. He agreed to do so. That following Thursday after school mom's mom picked her up along with her brother, her brother's girlfriend, and mom's sister. They then started their journey to amish country. They followed map quest directions but as they got to PA they soon realized that PA doesn't have the best road signs. But they got by... for now. It was getting dark and it being amish country they had not street lights. After many stops, asking of directions, near giving up, they found my road. It seemed it was a miracle the found it actually. But to thier luck, the road numbers were hard to see. they jut kept driving though and looking. Then the passed the sign of my house. My mom told them to backup to look at it but how could the numbers skip so much? Well they did and they found my house. With my mommy to greet them they came into the house to find me and my siblings in a box, the family surrounding them. How awkward! My mommy squated down and picked up my sister, she looked her over and held her to her chest. Thinking that was the one she passed me to her mom (who was holding me) and she took me. She looked me over too, made comments on how I was the fattest and how that seemed good. She held me to her chest and I (being the sweetest dog ever (at that time)) put my head on her chest and gave my best sigh and closed my eyes. I was the one. So they payed for me and mom holding me with one hand (boy she wishes she could do that know) shook my breeders hand and left (after being herded a bit by my mom) to go to the car. The startedthe car and I was all scared and shook while snuggled into the blanket on my mom's lap. After two turns, I threw up. So we stopped at Arby's and we changed my blanket and cleaned my old one and thew it into a bag. Back on the road again they thought I would be fine. I was sleeping (and snoring) and being very cute. Well I woke up, and threw up again after 5 turns (onto the leather seats and a really expensive fur jacket) so we stoped at a closed store and put the throwup into a bag. But the thing was... there was no trash can. So we (very nervously) left it on the shops porch. Then came another problem.. there was no more blankets. So we took mom's old jacket, put paper towls in the hood, layed it on mom's lap, put me on her lap with my face in the hood. Luckily I slept the rest of the way (except when we hit bumps). Well we got home. This was going to be the hard(er) part. Getting Wimbley (the weirdest dog ever) to like me. Now Wimbley normally doesn't like other dogs. But he showed that he is weird and likes only dogs in his house that are puppies and helpless. Why? We don't know. Well granmom(mom's mom) let out Wimbley while mom(and her minions) snuck me inside. They all sat in a circle around me and I just like layed there. Not walking much just like sleeping. Then I decided to explore and jumped over mom's foot (just barley) and ran over to the chair. That mom said was the cutest as my butt was still a bit too big for me to handle so I kinda just hopped. Then the craziest thing happened. A scruffy old dog ran in and started trying to play with me! Me being really little and confused yelped and ran to the big people. So they picked me up, turned me around and let the weird scruffy dog sniff my butt. Why, I don't know. Well later that night (like an hour) they put me in my cage. Mom slept on the floor right next to me and I didn't whine one bit. They next day mom skipped school and we made an exciting trip (well not so exciting because I was sleeping in a blanket in my mom's arms the whole time) to get toys then we stoped to see my great great aunt (joyful isn't it?) in which I slept the whole time and then followed my mom around on the side of the trailer house things leashless because I wasn't fast enough to run away (because of my large bum). But I slept mostly. Well that's really all that matters about "How Lucy the Corgi" became. Oh I forgot! The reason I have my glorious name of "Emily's Lucy in the Sky" (my akc name of course) is because when we got in the car it was on the radio and Lucy was already one of the options of me to be named excpet I was to be named Lucy Magilacutty. I also might add that I am no longer as sweet as I was when I was a baby and that I am quite a handful. I eat everything and I don't listen. But we are working on that know. Well know you know the glourious and funny tale of "Lucy the magnificent Corgi"
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Just use the info on mine and Gray's pages. For me, use the picture of me singing while wearing a santa hat. Fur Gray Dawntreader, use the picture of him with the glow ring (his main pic).wink
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Ever since I was little, I was always loved. I played with my siblings. One day I was taken from my mom and siblings. I loved those people. They gave me stuffed animals, and loved me as a puppy. I was hurt with them, and taken to the vet. I got some surgery done and was back to normal. One day thhey took me to this place. When I went in, a lot of dog were barking. I was still a puppy. Dogs jumped against the cages, and barked and were all noisy. I was put into one of those cages. I didn't like it very much. Everyone would look at me then check out my papers and leave. Then one day a person came and took me. I thought I was going home. But I went into another cage place. But this time i traveled a lot farther. This happened one more time in another place. Then one day someone looked at me and took me. I went through many tests. I was put into another home. I thought "This time I'm home fur sure." I had two sisters. They didn't let me in my pawrents room at first, but grew to like me. One was a search and rescue dog. Then one day this nice family came and met me. They sure were nice. Then they left, like everyone else. Then one day I went to a new house and met that nice family. They had another dog though. She wasn't very nice. First she taght me who was boss, and didn't let me in the bedroom either. I didn't go to the other home. I have stayed in this home ever since. Me and mom go on many adventures. Like one day we were walking and saw a COYOTE!!!!!!! We went down a street to leave it alone, and it showed up there. Then we left eachother be. Oh and I go to the construction cite. I like sticking my head out the window frame (there are no windows).

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url=http://www.dogster.com/dogs/556486][img]http://files.dogster.com /pix/dogs/86/556486/556486_1196494644.jpg[/img][/url] , [url=http://www.dogster.com/dogs/556486][img]http://files.dogster.co m/pix/dogs/86/556486/556486_1196570810.jpg[/img][/url] & [url=http://www.dogster.com/dogs/556486][img]http://files.dogster.co m/pix/dogs/86/556486/556486_1190588257.jpg[/img][/url] (I decided these weremy best shots wink)

OK, my life started as a tiny wee puppy, and I was very cute! Mum doesn't knowhow my life started, as I was adopted by her at 9 months old. So, with that, I can't say my whole biography. But what we do know, I'll tell you wink
I was adopted as a pup, and very naughty and mischevious as I grew older. My owners were obviously fed up of me, as they decided they would dup me. So, I got dumped at a place called Crystal Cascades (in Australia, in the town that I live in). Someone saw me, and brought me into the local animal refuge, and named me Cherry.
So, I was later desexed, and then I had to stay a further 3 weeks, in case anyone was to claim me as theirs, but NO. So, I was put up for sale. Around 3 days later, I was adopted, and taken home, the home with my humans and mummy cloud 9.
So, thats how I met my mum big grin At 9 months old. But, now I am 6 years old (7 on January 1stor February 3rd), and mum has got me into a lot of competitive agility. Mum and I have won so many great trophies! I live a stroll from the beach, so I get a good, hard, off leash run each day! So, my life truly is, "a Dog's Life!"