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This is the place to let your fur down! This forum is for games, sharing fun stories, and just having a good time with your fellow Dogsters!

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♥-Ben- ji-♥

A scratched- dog is a happy- dog!
Barked: Thu Sep 14, '06 3:09pm PST 
this is called the would you game! i make a statement that says "would you do this if ..............." and you says yes or no. then you make another for the next doggy to do! have fun!

Would you attack th mailman so you could rip up all of his paper if you had a plate of bacon in front of you?

Barked: Thu Sep 14, '06 3:35pm PST 
Of course not. I like bacon, and besides, I don't care about mailmen!

Would you go play with another dog instead of eating a steak?

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Balder- Amicus

I catch birds
Barked: Thu Sep 14, '06 3:39pm PST 
are u kiddin, the steak man. the steak

Would you rather have cheese or steak?

edited cause I forgot to put a question in

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Scooby, CGN

Barked: Thu Sep 14, '06 5:57pm PST 
Steak OR Cheese? You mean I have to choose? Oh wait I know, I'll have a cheese steak sandwich....

Chase a cat or chase a ball?
Chandler- ♥

You should try- to eat anything- once.
Barked: Thu Sep 14, '06 6:43pm PST 
I would chase the cat... more of a challengesmile

Would you eat a doggy ice cream even if you know it will make you feel sick later?

I'm a slave for- the ball
Barked: Thu Sep 14, '06 7:01pm PST 
I would pass on the ice cream and go for the turkey!

Would you rather go to the groomer or to the vet?
Scooby, CGN

Barked: Thu Sep 14, '06 7:17pm PST 
Tough one.
Vet= thermotetor up the you know what
Groomer= nail clipping time (I hate getting my nails done)
I think I will pick groomer because I really don't NEED to see a groomer (no fur to get groomed and I bath OK at home).

Rather drink water from the hose or toilet bowl?

Little Applehead
Barked: Fri Sep 15, '06 4:54am PST 
Definately the hose! (I can't reach the toilet bowl) BOLsmilesmile

Would you rather chew on a rawhide bone or Mommy's shoes?

All the bitches- love me!!
Barked: Fri Sep 15, '06 7:35am PST 
Rawhide bone fore sure...then the shoe.

go for a car ride....or go for a walk?

Barked: Fri Sep 15, '06 7:59am PST 
Definitely the walk...car rides make me sick =o(

Would you rather give kisses or get a belly rub?
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