True or False Game!

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Skittles- ♥

Tweet Pookie pie
Barked: Mon Apr 3, '06 7:31am PST 
True! Or so I'm told. I've never heard myself.

Do you like veggies!!!

Party Girl
Barked: Mon Apr 3, '06 8:20am PST 

Did you all tag your orange photos:
Go orange for animals ?

You will enter in Go orange for animals stroll. See details in "Ohter Barks and Woofs forum". (The thread opened by Meatball)
Emma, Please, do me a favor and tag your primary photo

Go orange for animals
Thank you!

Barked: Mon Apr 3, '06 8:54am PST 
It depends on what food it is, some foods the dogs don't like, but lots of foods the dogs like.

Do you know how to "Play dead"?

Princess- Buttercup

I'm a kitty cat
Barked: Mon Apr 3, '06 9:18am PST 

You have a pink harness.
Scooby, CGN

Barked: Mon Apr 3, '06 10:28am PST 
Pink harness? YUCK! I'm a big boy dog! I eat pink for breakfast!

Answer::: FALSE

Question: Do you eat ice cubes?
Bullet - in loving- memory

I don't know- you, but come on- in!
Barked: Mon Apr 3, '06 11:14am PST 
Yes! I love ice cubes.

Do you like to eat bugs?
Jaynee The- Dog

I'm Cute
Barked: Mon Apr 3, '06 11:23am PST 
False!!! I PLAY with bugs, hee hee!

Do you like pig ears?

Wanna play ball?
Barked: Mon Apr 3, '06 11:30am PST 
TRUE TRUE TRUE..I love pigears

You like car rides?
Quinn AKA The Love Bomb

The Evil- Count- Crapula
Barked: Mon Apr 3, '06 11:41am PST 
False, being in the car freaks me out.

True or False, my sister Brandy has the biggest butt of any dog that ever lived??

I'm A Great- Big Chocolate- Kiss!!
Barked: Mon Apr 3, '06 11:43am PST 
FALSE!! I have a very nice butt, and Quinn is a liar.

Does Quinn strongly resemble a hyena??
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