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Bullet - in loving- memory

I don't know- you, but come on- in!
Barked: Tue Apr 4, '06 7:27pm PST 
There's a video of me on my page watching Puppy Bowl on Animal Planet - nirvana!! I do bark, but also whine, scratch at the screen and try to follow those dogs when they exit stage left or right - they must go SOMEWHERE!! Next best show: Westminster!

This is icky, but do you vomit and then eat it right back up??

Got treats?
Barked: Tue Apr 4, '06 9:05pm PST 
False. Mom doesn't let me do that - she's no fun. But I do get away with eating lots of other nasty stuff when she's not looking!

Do you spin around in circles when you're really excited?

I'm tired of the- "High and- Mighty" ones
Barked: Tue Apr 4, '06 9:13pm PST 
True! I also jump around like a jack rabbit!

Have you ever chased a car?

Skittles- ♥

Tweet Pookie pie
Barked: Wed Apr 5, '06 6:21am PST 

Do you bark at the door bells on the tv
Priscilla-in- loving- memory

I'm Pretty
Barked: Wed Apr 5, '06 7:15am PST 

Do you eat lettuce?

I'm solar- powered!!!
Barked: Wed Apr 5, '06 8:05am PST 

Love that green stuff!!

Do you like to eat grass???

Im going to get- my tail I just- know it.
Barked: Wed Apr 5, '06 8:18am PST 
True: Mommy doesn't like it. She's afraid I will get into bull nettle again. It's a stinking plant that grows everywhere around here. I cried all day when I got stuck with it once.

Do you tinkle very time you get excited?

In your face,- and not going- anywhere!!!
Barked: Wed Apr 5, '06 8:49am PST 
false (...not even once!)

Do you snore?
Baby - Love and- miss you

Chi-rific ~ In- the Beams of Sun
Barked: Wed Apr 5, '06 9:05am PST 
True! When I'm in a very deep sleep.

Do you like playing in the snow?

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Barked: Wed Apr 5, '06 9:55am PST 
True! Our dogs love playing in the snow.

Do like playing in water?
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