white dogs & white snow!

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Barked: Fri Dec 11, '09 7:11am PST 
Someone in the gsd forum wrote about white sheps becoming *invisible* in the snow. We're still waiting for it here, but anyone have good tales about snow experiences?
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Barked: Mon Dec 28, '09 3:44am PST 
We had tons of snow in Michigan where we lived - but we are in Japan now and it's too warm for snow (mom works for the US Army) here.

Barked: Thu Jan 21, '10 5:39pm PST 
Freya LOVES snow. She loves to run in it, eat it, lay on it, roll in it, etc. She doesn't become invisible, though. She has a strawberry blonde streak running down the middle of her back, so she's not quite the pure white color of the snow.


Barked: Mon May 27, '13 8:24am PST 
Lexi plays in snow, Lexi eats snow, and Lexi, unfortunately, blends in quite well with the snow.

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