Am i part whippet?

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Rio, CGC,- RL1, CL1, TD

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Barked: Thu Feb 25, '10 4:35pm PST 
So, when i adopted Rio he was taken from a puppy mill with two other puppies and a lactating bitch. One puppy looks JUST like him in size/shape/coloring... the other puppy was very different color and shape--looked a lot like the bitch who was a fox terrier... the rescue just assumed that the three pups were related and were the progeny of the female...so Rio was listed as a fox terrier/ACD mix...

Well, as he grows he looks more like a whippet and less like a fox terrier (not that he looked like an FT to begin with).... so what do you think?

Do you think he's a Australian Cattle Dog/Whippet mix? (aka a lurcher?)

here's a video of him if that helps
Layla - CGC, Therapy- Dog

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Barked: Tue Apr 27, '10 1:44pm PST 
Rio, you are too cute! I have what I think is a whippet mix as well. It is hard to tell, but the more I get to know her (I have only had her for 3 months) the more I see Whippet traits in her. She is quite quick and she LOVES other whippets and greyhounds. Also she is very sensitive, which I hear whippets are. Ironically I have an ACD mix as well and I can tell you Rio most likely has a little of that smile

I am interested to know more about Rio's personality and traits. may be that will help. Just looking at the pictures I would say Rio could be part whippet...just an opinion, which might not be very valuable seeing as how I don't actually own a purebred Whippet myself.