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Mozart's Story- His life and times:

Hello Everyone,
I am.....The Spirit of Mozart and I have a story to share with you today. You see "we" are now waiting at The Rainbow Bridge and we know that one day we will see Hal once again.
I was a very healthy 4 year old 150 lb Tri-color St Bernard. When I was 2 yrs old I was placed in a shelter. At that time I had been adopted by this wonderful family that already had two female Saints and a female Great Dane and you can imagine my excitement at that time.......three females and me.....in a yard together !!!! Can you say "heaven" !!!! Anyway, after about 1 1/2 yrs I started to have some issues with the Dane so much so that there was a strong chance that I was headed back to a shelter or going to a rescue organization. I kept hearing stories that my issue was probably due to those first two years of life which I just don't remember now.
Seven months ago while playing in the yard with my "women" Hal shows up and he wants to pet me and play in the yard with me. Ok, I can let him do that and he seemed pretty cool...I like this dude !!!! He said "bye" and two days later he is back and next thing I know, I'm in his car and we are driving to his house. That's cool I like adventures. The next day we are off to a place called Petsmart checking out things like beds, collar's, etc. and I'm in the store with him...talk about cool !!! Then that afternoon Hal says to me that we are going to the beach and the ocean.....had no idea what he was talking about...ocean,beach??? Well, when we got there it was like..."Wow look at all that water" and those other dogs like me. Turns out I loved the beach but didn't care for all those other dogs being around and I soon found out, that was part of those "issues" I had been having.
But in spite of that, my time living with Hal was fantastic. We would take long walks daily and meet all kinds of people and ,of course, other dogs...Yuk !!!! People would stop and say hi, even while in their cars and tell Hal how handsome I am and then a few cars would go by and someone would yell out the window "Hey Beethoven"....no I'm Mozart !!! Hal was funny at the house when it came to sports and in particular something called the RedSox. He would lay on he floor watching and occasionally I'd lay next to him to make him happy. Most of the time I'd do my "spread-eagle" thing on the tile floor since I loved the feeling of cold tile on my back !!!! Seems like we were always doing something or going somewhere together, the bank, pet store, or the beach. Never went to a place called the "supermarket" and I knew why when he came back from there....all that food in those bags.....he had my attention !!!!! Anyway, those times over our seven months together was the only time I was alone watching highlights on ESPN of those "redsox" thing.
Then after about 3 months Hal and I went to this field to meet someone called a "dog trainer"...interesting, dog trainer...for me? Something about obedience training. For real??? Waste of money in my eyes.... I knew how to sit, lay down, come, shake paws, etc. So what was that all about? Come to find out that because of my "issues" that this training would help in overcoming those issues. Heard them talking about something called "fear aggression"....me ??? Just because I saw other dogs as lunch? Nah, I enjoyed my food at home and those special treats more then having "dog" on the menu. I especially loved ice cubes and they were always available for me. My favorite treat after our walks each day. Anyway, it turned out that Hal decided we had to something to deal with that "issue" since that training didn't change anything when it came to other dogs. Then I started to have some issues when it came to people who would approach us, think that may have been to make sure I protected Hal from anything thing bad !!!! At that point even I knew we had to seek out someone who could teach me to just be a happy, well adjusted "family member" for my owner.

And sadly this was the start of the "Dark Time" and why I wait for Hal at the Rainbow Bridge. I'll be back later to finish this story.

Today 10/3/2013 Hal was taking me to a place called DogForce1 http://www.themiamidogwhisperer.com/index.html
https://www.facebook .com/MiamiDogWhisperer
in Miami home of the "Miami Dog Whisperer" and a Richard Heinz-CEO to do a "meet an greet". Overheard Hal telling some friends that Richard was "recognized" as one of the Three Top Authorities in the WORLD...... WOW in THE WORLD !!! Plus,can't beat a long air-conditioned car ride in August. When we got there and kinda met everyone Hal was telling Richard that he had to fly out of town to Philadelphia for his mothers Special 90th Birthday celebration on Sunday 10/6/2013. And wanted to work something out where I could stay in the kennel while Hal was away. Richard said we could work something out where I'd be boarded there and official training would start on Monday 10/7/2013 for a week and that the first few days would be for me to acclimate to my new surroundings. Hal was happy about that so, because he was happy, I was happy....I think !!!!

Well, the big day is here ,time to make that long trip to Miami again. Started the day with our normal 45 min walk around the neighborhood. Got back to the house, chilled out and had our breakfast, Hal's looked soooo much better then these "kibble" things but I did get some of those egg's he was eating...... gave him my "sad" look....he can't resist that look !!! Later that morning it was time to pack up and make the trip south. Hal busy with getting my food, bib's etc ready and me busy doing my "spread eagle" thing on the tile. When we got to DogForce1 they were there to greet us and as I walked with Hal, one of the trainers walked with us and the next thing I knew the trainer was walking with me and Hal was watching. No big deal as I walked with him and left my "mark" all over the yard area..... hey I'm a big dog with a big bladder !!!!

Now, events at this point seem to get a little cloudy. Hal had left to get ready for his trip and I kind of chilled out for the day and into following couple of days until Saturday. I'd be walked but for the most part I would just "chill" in the kennel. I do remember barking a lot during the night though those first two nights. And like I said things were kind of unclear until Saturday evening. I had been drinking a lot of water, more then normal, think I'd try to up-chuck but not much would come out and was having some trouble breathing at that point. Think I was in some kind of distress at that point. I look around ...looking for Hal....I can't breath....Hal....Hal...help me.....help m................................................................... ............ !!!!!!!!

And at that point Mozart passed over to The Rainbow Bridge !!!!!!!!

Memory of Mozart- aftermath update.

I would like to share with you a true story that occurred on the weekend of 10/5-10/6 of this month. The follow is true and has supporting documents. It is a very disturbing series of events that involves a "high profile" dog training outfit in the Miami area know as "The Miami Dog Whisperer" or Dog Force1 and it's CEO a Mr. Richard Heinz. http://www.themiamidogwhisperer.com/index.html

Should any dog lover read this, it has to affect you !!!!!Mozart was a healthy 4 yr old twice rescued St Bernard that I owned for a period of 7 mos before taking him DogForce1 for a week of formal training that was to start on Monday 10/7. I dropped him off on 10/3 to be boarded through the weekend since I had to go out of town for that weekend. Mozart died on the evening of Saturday 10/5 and I don't know why he died. The following are the series of events that occurred the evening of 10/5.

The following are the facts of which there is no denying:
1) Mozart was taken to "The Miami Dog Whisperer" or DogForce1 on Thursday 10/3/2013 to board and be trained for one week starting on 10/7.
2) A supposed phone conversation with Richard Heinz's vet occurred Saturday night because Mozart had gone into a distressed state and told them to get Mozart to a clinic ASAP. Richard Heinz's vet according to the DBPR "Shows no license under that name". So, just how involved was this unlicensed vet other then that single phone call?
2) Mozart was received by Richard Heinz at a local vet clinic in a "non-responsive, non neurologic state" approximately between 10-11 pm on Saturday 10/5/2013
3) Oxygen and CPR started with no response to reanimation, patient passed away on Saturday 10/5/2013.
4) Mozart was signed in to the clinic as Mozart Heinz as "owner")
Note: not a requirement of the clinic.
5) Pet Cremation Information Sheet was filled out and Invoice for cremation paid for by Richard Heinz on 10/5/2013 while at the clinic. All this done without my knowledge nor obviously my approval !!!!!!!!
6) No mention or request by Richard Heinz to have a necropsy preformed on "HIS DOG"...... a healthy 150 lb 4 yr old St Bernard with a zero history of heath issues. AND no health issues during the seven months he was with me. And "suddenly" becomes distressed and dies on that Saturday evening ????
7) Mozart was cremated on 10/7/2013.
8) And I Hal Werntz being the actual owner of Mozart find out about his death when I returned a phone call to the "assistant" of Richard Heinz at 3 pm Sunday, the next day....yes you read that right Mozart died the evening of Saturday 10/5 and I was told of his death the next day Sunday 10/6 at 3pm in the afternoon by an assistant !!!!!!!!!!!!! 16 HRS AFTER HE DIED....BY SOME ASSISTANT !!!!!!!!! Oh, and by the way was told by this "assistant" that along with Mozart having a "heart attack"( and we know this because ???) Richard Heinz had taken care of the cremation, with that same phone call !!!!!!

Finally, imagine, if you will, after reading this and you look at your "Mozart" laying next to you on the floor...... and this had happened to you !!! This is what I have been trying to assimilate over the past 3 weeks !!!!
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That's terrible. So sorry you lost a good friend. hughug
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hug Mozart hughughug

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Guest, just what purpose do you hope to achieve by condemning the owner of Mozart for his decision to take Mozart in for training. This would be a logical choice, and now his dog is dead from this and you feel it necessary to add more stress and anguish because of a decision that was made in good faith hoping to improve Mozart's quality of life.
This post of yours is cruel and certainly does not belong here. Mozart is gone, thru NO FAULT of his owner. I am reporting your post for being completely insensitive and cruel.