Saying Good Bye to my beloved Otis

Whether a dog dies, is lost or stolen, or must be placed in a new home, this is the place to gather together to give and receive love and support when you experience the loss of a beloved dog.


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Barked: Thu Aug 29, '13 7:47am PST 
There have been so many people on Dogster, although it was a while ago, that were pals with my sweet, sweet boy. I wanted to let you all know that we lost him on July 2, 2013. This was the hardest day....and continues to be very difficult for me. Otis was my special boy. I had a bond with him that I do not think I can ever replace. A few years ago, Otis was honored by Dogster with winning the best smile.....He did have a smile that would melt hearts....and he melted mine from the day I brought him home. I know he is free now....but I miss him every day. I wanted to share this with you all....and maybe bring me a little peace by sharing. Bully huggs and wiggles to you all. Give your furry kids an extra hug, they all deserve it.
Angel Annie

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Barked: Thu Aug 29, '13 8:25am PST 
Sorry for your loss of Otis. Fly free sweet boy! little angel I just lost my precious Annie in July, too. It leaves a big hole in your heart! hug

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little angelOtislittle angel

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Godspeed Otis. I don't think the pain ever goes away. I lost my Dino in 2006 and still think of him all of the time. Just know that Dino, Angus and Sheba will take good care of Otis. HUGS hug rainbow little angel

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fly free sweet otis

angel feather kisses to all who loved you
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Much thanks for the sweet responses......I am in tears (again).....Otis was my baby boy that was so incredibly special. I know everyone thinks that their babies are "special" but Otis was.....he touched so many. He was sweet, gentle, special, loved, and....he was mine...I was lucky enough to be able to share he with so many.....I talk to him every night.....and wish him nothing but the love and peace he gave to me. Fly free my sweet Bubba boy....mama loves you more than you will ever know.

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hi- Otis is a bulldog and I love everything about them. some people say that these dogs are not cute but I know he was your handsome boy.

my coco is 15/16 he is going to leave me very soon. I feel so sad. im 66 yrs old and a lot of people go out and get another dog but not me, there will only be my first and only last love coco. Otis was your special love.