Should I put my dog to sleep?

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I have a one year old mix. She is mix with chow chow, pit bull, and german shepard. Her name is Mona . Lately she has been acting more aggressive then usual. She is very playful but when she plays she bites and have tired to train her (as with other people have tired too) to stop but that didn't work so well... She doesn't listen. Now she has started to fight with my other dog who is a one yr old shih tzu (her name is fiona) . the fights were very bad/: their not around each anymore, one has to be inside and the other outside... If we try to get them to be near (both on a leash) , Mona just wants to attack Fiona and Fiona just try's to leave.. Mona has now fought with an other dog name Snooze who we are taking care of for a couple of days. They have been around each other before. Snooze was pretty hurt their was some blood. But the thing is Snooze didn't fight back he just wanted to get away but Mona kept going after him so now their not allowed to be around each other either. and it usually took about 2 people to get Mona off the other dogs no of the other dogs fought back.. Please help i don't know what to do.... /:

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Don't put your dog to sleep because of that. Find a new home for the dog.

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I agree with Natcho. Find her another home. Perhaps one of the rescue for one of the breeds she is can help you. On the good side she hasn't bitten a person yet, she just sounds dog aggressive so far. Please try to find someone equipped to deal with her and understand her, just finding someone that will take her off your hands isn't going to help her. Good Luck!!