My sweet angel girl :(

Whether a dog dies, is lost or stolen, or must be placed in a new home, this is the place to gather together to give and receive love and support when you experience the loss of a beloved dog.

Kasey(Imissy- ou)

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Barked: Mon Dec 24, '12 6:12pm PST 
For those of you who knew Kasey all of these years, knew something of a legend. She's the stuff movies are made of. She saves the life of her human, and her human saves her life. She "talked" when she was excited and knew no enemies..

Kasey, the one who has gotten me through heartaches and heartbreaks (and not just from men!.. Im talking family heartbreaks) , no longer can help me through the biggest heartbreak of all.
Yesterday afternoon I noticed her reluctance to want to go outside and play, walk, and go potty..which isn't too unusual considering its been cold and rainy here and for a dog just shy of her 10 year old birthday that kind of weather meant achy joints and a "id rather stay inside, thank you" attitude. But then I noticed she didn't greet me when I returned home from the last of my Christmas shopping. Then I noticed she didn't want to get up..and had a hard time laying down. She got up twice during the night for water (and I brought her small bowls full since im getting up every few hours to nurse my 10 week old daughter and checked on my first daughter with fur then)This morning, she tried to get up, but her legs gave out from under her, she was labored in her breathing, and looked awful. I feared bload since now her stomach was painfully swollen. My husband rushed home from work, and we rushed her to the nearest vet that was open only to be told she was bleeding massive amounts of blood internally, and it was caused probably by a tumor on either her spleen or liver, but there was too much blood to tell, and even more possibly cancer. The bleeding was going into her lungs already and the chance of her surviving surgery was next to none, and the chance of her making it through the night..or even a few more hours, was next to none. She had very little blood pressure. So, We let my guardian angel go home to the rainbow bridge because I couldn't stand to see her suffer.

My sweet girl, devoted to me, always, even in her last minutes of life. And was devoted to my daughter the minute I brought her home for the first time.

Kasey, I love you very much! Forever and Ever! No other dog could ever replace you and your love that you showed to me. Thank you for showing me how to love once again when I forgot how. Rest in peace my darling angel. And always, My guardian angel.little angel

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Barked: Mon Dec 24, '12 10:00pm PST 
So sorry for your losshughughug
She knew that you loved her to her last breath. That is the greatest gift you could have given her.

Barked: Tue Dec 25, '12 2:52am PST 
I lost my dog o. 23rd dec like you she was my life, been there fir me fir 12 years in bad times and good, even though I have young kids te house feels so empty I miss everything about her not being there
I would give anything to have her back I guess like me your very upset, I've not stopped crying since she passed.
I feel your pain, I'm just hoping it gets easier
And hoping she's happy at rainbow bridge rainbow


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Barked: Tue Jan 1, '13 6:00pm PST 
Rest In Peace Kasey.... hug

She was a Pretty Girl...cloud 9

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Barked: Thu Jan 3, '13 6:03pm PST 
RIP Kasey little angel hug's to you and your family at this sad time. She was a beautiful girl.

Barked: Thu Jan 17, '13 3:12pm PST 
I am very sorry for your loss. I have nothing to offer but hugs hug