Rest In Peace to Molly's Mother

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Molly's momma, Bailey, passed on to the rainbow bridge on December 13th 2012. She was 13 years old and died of natural causes. Zeus, Bailey's life long partner, and also Molly's daddy is now depressed and lonely. He is wondering where she went and why she isn't coming back frown

I got Molly as a 3-month-old puppy out of Bailey's litter of puppies in 2003. She was 1.5 years old when she had Molly and her siblings. Molly was the only girl out of the litter of boys. Since they were 4-breed mixed puppies, they decided to give them away for free. However, since they were pure black, it was super hard to find homes for the males. I was 7 years old, at the time, and was best friends with the daughters of the family. After a few months, they moved away to Colorado and I lost all contact with them. As I got older I began wondering about Molly's parents and my former best friends. I began searching for them on Facebook and Myspace to no avail. Well, about a month ago, on Facebook, I typed in the name of the oldest daughter and to my surprise, she finally had a profile. I recognized her right off the back! I immediately messaged her, and we were so excited to find each other again. I asked her if she still had Zeus and Bailey and how old they were and how their health was. She said they were in good health, they still had them, and they were doing amazing! I shared a few recent photos of Molly and she shared a few photos of Zeus and Bailey. I was happy to hear they were still alive and well. Zeus is 11 years old and still in good health as far as they can tell.

Anyway, I just thought I'd share. Rest In Heavenly Peace, Sweet Bailey. Below is a picture of Molly's Parents, Bailey and Zeus (Can you see any resemblance? I sure can!!).

Bailey is a Springer Spaniel/Border Collie mix. Zeus is a B&T Coonhound/Labrador Retriever mix. smile

Bailey and Zeus - Molly's Parents

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