it still makes me cry sometimes

Whether a dog dies, is lost or stolen, or must be placed in a new home, this is the place to gather together to give and receive love and support when you experience the loss of a beloved dog.


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Growing up i had a whippet/sherpei mix named Joey/Joe Bob, we called him Bobby Boy most of the time though. he died in early 2010 and even now it still hurts. cry he was without a doubt, the best dog a kid could have. does anyone believe that pets reincarnate when given a opportunity to be in a family members life again or always wait at the rainbow bridge? rainbow i believe i have found my Bobby Boy again in the form of my Harmony. so, does anyone else have a story of meeting a beloved pet once again?

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I joke about that very concept. It would be great if it was true. wink

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I do not believe that they themselves come back to us,however I truly believe if we keep our hearts open they do send us the one we need that also needs us and communicate with that pup how to care for us and carry on what they have started.hughug


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When my Dane died 13 years ago I was devastated. For two years I struggled to find a way without her. Strange things would happen. The spot behind my legs when I slept would be warm like something was laying there, I would feel something brush my hand as I was moving, twice I heard her bark.
When I finally gave in and brought Sabi home, I was astounded at her determinination to be my dog, until I looked at the pictures of her first few days with us. In the background of every picture was a bright blur of a white and black face and two bright blue eyes. I tried to chalk it up to a reflection but it showed up in almost every picture.
Like M&K I don't believe that they themselves come back. I do believe that Freeway knew I was lost and hurting and made sure that Sabi came to help me. Either way they are a gift and we should treasure them.

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You know what is a good book? A Dog's Purpose & the sequel A Dog's Journey. Careful, it may make you cry. It's a dog who keeps being reborn into different bodies. A sweet and sad book I'm sure it will comfort you when you get to the end.

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thanks, ive acutally just bought that book a few days ago. maybe i should read it now..

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Like M&K, I also do not believe that the animals themselves reincarnate, but I think everyone is free to believe what they wanna believe. Really, there is no correct answer. I think it's everyone's own personal belief.

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Yes, I believe souls reincarnate. I don't think it is always the same species, after all a soul is a soul be it is a dog or a person.

If you feel that Bobby boy has come back, maybe he has.hug

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it will always hurt and i also cry for my dogs and cats that i lostbig hugbig hugbig hugbig hugbig hug