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My boy Merlin

Whether a dog dies, is lost or stolen, or must be placed in a new home, this is the place to gather together to give and receive love and support when you experience the loss of a beloved dog.

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Merlin (In- loving- memory)

Isnt it- breakfast/- lunch/dinner- time yet
Barked: Fri Dec 30, '11 7:41am PST 
Merlin was diagnosed with cancer on Tuesday 27th December 2011 and put to sleep. It was such a shock, my mind was in turmoil. I can't express how empty I feel, how my stomach feels like it's being torn out, I have no purpose in life any more, you was my purpose Merlin and now I am so lonely.

I was looking forward to growing old with you my boy, but you was taken from me far too soon. My big boy was only 5 years and 1 month old.

I can't help breaking down, everywhere I look there are reminders of you, the best friend I ever had. God I miss you Merlin, I can't help crying my boy, you meant so much to me, you was by my side all the time, you saved my life when I was ill, now all I want is to be with you.

Every time I look out into the garden I expect to see you there, sitting or standing so proud, then I break down again when I realise you are gone.

I promise you one thing Merlin, I will never stop loving you.

All my love


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Barked: Fri Dec 30, '11 8:50am PST 
I am so sorry for your loss. I know exactly how you feel. I felt the same way when I lost the dog I had before Beauregard. I felt like I had no purpose and no reason to live. Then I realized my dog truly loves me as much as I love him and he wouldn't want me feeling this way. We got Beauregard and I truly believe that my other dog sent him to me. Beauregard is so much like my previous dog. Having Beauregard filled that empty hole in my heart that hurt so much, I had a purpose again and I knew my other dog was looking down on me and smiling because I opened my heart to another dog and gave him a home. I wanted my previous dog to know how much I loved having a dog and how happy it made me and I knew if I got another dog I would be happy and that would make my other dog happy.
I will never ever forget my other dog he will live in my heart forever just like yours will live forever in your heart. What made me feel better was believing that the body my die but the spirit lives on forever and I knew that my dog would some how come back to me and I believe he came back in Beauregard. I actually don't know that for sure but it makes me feel better thinking that. They are a lot alike though.
If you can look up and smile at your dog, your smile is Merlin's sunshine, it will make him so happy, he just wants you to be happy.
Turner - Gone Too- Soon

Hi I'm Turner- Wanna Smell My- Butt?
Barked: Fri Dec 30, '11 12:06pm PST 
We're so sorry for your loss of Merlin hug's to you at this time. I loss Turner 8 months ago and I still cry, still have that empty, missing feeling. We're here for you if you need us - we do understand.


RIP Merlin little angel

In loving- memory of- Cinnamon ~

A truly good dog- never really- leaves
Barked: Fri Dec 30, '11 1:32pm PST 
I lost my Cinnamon years too early, too. We're here for you if you ever need to talk. Even after eleven months, I still feel like breaking down from time to time and I often feel like Dogster members are the only ones who understand.

I'm sorry for your loss. May Merlin RIP. hug
Merlin (In- loving- memory)

Isnt it- breakfast/- lunch/dinner- time yet
Barked: Sat Dec 31, '11 1:33am PST 
Thank you all for your kind words.

I have never know grief like this, Merlin was so close to me, he was always there when I needed him.

Everyday I try and be strong for my boy, but I feel like I will never laugh or smile again. God how I love my big boy. His loyalty, his devotion his love to me was total and without condition. I think of him and break down. Perhaps I should get another German Shepherd, not to replace my boy, no other boy or girl will ever replace him, but in his memory.

Merlin is being cremated, I will scatter his ashes where he use to run and play on my property.

I love you Merlin my boy.
Bailey - RIP 12/23/11

Barked: Sat Dec 31, '11 8:18am PST 
I'm so sorry for your loss. hug

No one will ever replace your Merlin and I wish I knew what to say to make it easier. But there are people here who understand. I've gotten so much support here since Bailey's passing this month. I honestly feel that I can grieve here and people just get it. No one sighs and says, "He was just a dog" because we all know they are so much more than that. I hope you find some peace soon. hughughug

Akita Pals- Always.
Barked: Sat Dec 31, '11 10:35am PST 
Merlin's Dad,
hughughug You have our deepest sympathies. Things will be difficult for awhile and may even be more difficult when the shock of the sudden loss wears off. Know that there are many here who have suffered the same type of loss that you have and we will be here for you anytime you need us. Feel free to p-mail me at anytime.

rainbowlittle angel Fly Free Merlinlittle angelrainbow as you watch over your daddy from the bridge until it is his time to rejoin you,we will be here to take care of him for you as well. Rest in Peace ,Sweet Boy.
Turner - Gone Too- Soon

Hi I'm Turner- Wanna Smell My- Butt?
Barked: Sat Dec 31, '11 4:14pm PST 
Merlins Dad, we got Grunt after Turner passed - I had a hard time with this as I didn't want to feel like I was "replacing" Turner. As there would never be a replacement for Turner. My husband was pretty insistant that we go look at puppies. We did and I felt some joy at inhaling puppy breath - so full of life. flowers We went a couple of times and then we met Grunt. It was like Grunt knew us. I kept my distance, feeling guilty as I do. But Grunt took his time with me and would sit quietly as I cried. It was like he understood that I am hurting and just needed to let it go. We've had Grunt for 4 months now and he's become a true companion and gives great hugs when I need them. I miss Turner terribly, but Grunt does make me smile. Grieve as long and as hard as you feel necessary. We definately
Merlin (In- loving- memory)

Isnt it- breakfast/- lunch/dinner- time yet
Barked: Sun Jan 1, '12 7:03am PST 
All I can say is, what amazing people you are, thank you all so much for your kind support.

Merlin you brought us to meet these wonderful people and their fur babies, thank you my big boy.
Lucky- (R.I.P)

We were lucky- with you, baby- girl.
Barked: Sun Jan 1, '12 12:32pm PST 
hug I am so sorry to hear of your loss. When we had to put our shepherd down... it was the most awful feeling. And it lingered for so long, and still at times I find myself missing her. I don't think that feeling will ever completely go away. In time the ache does ease, and the happy memories will come to light. We can learn to celebrate life, versus only mourning our loss. We adopted a puppy (oh my a crazy one at that) in Lucky's honor. I pray every day that Lucky watches over him. He cannot replace her. No dog ever could. But the love of a dog can pull you out of the darkest of places if you're ready to accept it. The dogster community is absolutely wonderful, never be afraid to reach out if you need someone who understands to talk to.

God speed, Merlin. May you rest in peace rainbow
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