Rowan died on Saturday

Whether a dog dies, is lost or stolen, or must be placed in a new home, this is the place to gather together to give and receive love and support when you experience the loss of a beloved dog.

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Barked: Tue Dec 20, '11 4:58am PST 
We put my husky boy to sleep on Saturday. he was a few months shy of 15 years old. He was so calm and peaceful at the vet before we did it --he has never been like that at the vet before. I hope it means he was ready and ok with it, but I still can't believe how much his absence hurts. It is so hard to be in our home with constant reminders of him. I just want to curl up in his favorite spot and wail. It is hard not to leave him a treat everytime we leave the house. Or to go check on him when we get home--in the past year and a half he was deaf, and liked to sleep all day in the back of the house so he stopped greeting us at the door. Our home is just wrong without him.

bark first, ask- questions later
Barked: Tue Dec 20, '11 4:59am PST 
Some background: Rowan was also a bit of a loner--he liked to greet us when we got home, loved walks, and wnated to be around the dinner table, but otherwise he wanted to be on his own, in a separate room. He wanted to sleep on our bed or the sofa,but he wanted those things to himself. When he got to be 13 he got even more reclusive, but still gave us affection, but always on his terms. I long ago made accepted his disposition--he was such a brilliant, beautiful animal and I felt lucky everyday that he came into my life. Sure, he wasn't good with kids and we ended up having two--but he never snapped at them. And he was such a good protector--if someone so much as glanced from their yard into our yard, he would howl and bark to raise the hair on your neck. He didn;t get along with many dogs and couldn't be off leash in the world, because he would just start running in a straight line and it was very, very hard to get him to stop. He was my wild boy, but still knew how to give five, bow, sit, lie down, take a note to someone in the other room, fix his leash on his own when he was walking and it got under his leg. And every once in a while he would let me snuggle him--very rarely, but it would always be worth waiting for those moments. Sorry to go on. Well, anyway, in the past year, he lost a muscle mass. Blood work did not show anything going on, vet said maybe it was just aging. In the past two months, he started getting skinny. His appetite for dog food went down, though he still wanted our food. I took him back to the vet this October because he was suddenly skin and bones and had trouble on our stairs. The vet said is was probably cancer or age-related general organ shutting down, as he was a big dog and very, very old. He didn't seem to be in any pain. We decided not to test him for cancer because we knew we wouldn't treat him at that advanced age--he hated scrutiny and hated the vets and we did not want to start him down a road of strong drugs with bad side affects or with surgery--no way, not at 14 1/2. So we tried to keep him comfortable and I started making him chicken and brown rice and adding in wet organic kibble. He ate that but gained no weight. Inthe past two weeks he lost most of his eyesight, and started pooping and peeing and just not being able to move away from it. This dog was perfectly housetrained when i resuced him and had a bladder of steel. I did not mind cleaning up after him--I would have gladly done it for years to have more time with him, but he was clearly not doing well and was unable to stand most of the time, without his legs sliding out from under him. We made the decicision Saturday morning to talk to the vet about whehter or not we could make him more comfortable or whether or not it was time. I felt it might be. OVer the phone the vet said it was not possible for him to tell us that, but when we brought him in, the vet said that he could say with certainty that Rowan was only going to get more uncomfortable and get worse and now was the time if we were ready. Rowan was so calm and peacful through all of this at the vet. It was strange, but he had always been incredibly perceptive--we used to joke that he escaped from a lab where they were creating a dog with mind reading super powers. Well, he just lay in my arms, fully awake but calm. I will never forget that final gift he gave me of going peacefully (if he had freaked out i could not have done it--would have taken him home against the vet;s advice). Still I wonder if we should have tried to treat him for cancer a a couple of months ago, but keep reminding myslef that he would have hated that so much.

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Barked: Wed Dec 21, '11 5:05am PST 
So sorry for the loss of your friend , he sounded like a great companion...hug

Rest In Peace Rowan...cry

Thoughts & Prayers

Barked: Wed Dec 21, '11 7:36am PST 
I am so sorry, 15 is a good long life for a dog. They don't make it that far without great care and being very content in life. Great job. I too had a dog till he was 15, that is such a long time to share with a dog that they truly are a piece of your life and it is hard to adjust afterward. We waited for almost 2 years before getting another dog because it was so devastating for us, but now we have some more dogs to help fill that hole and that previous relationship has enhanced the current one immensly.

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Barked: Wed Dec 21, '11 3:35pm PST 
I'm so sorry you had to say goodbye to your sweet boy. It sounds like he had a wonderful, and long, life with you rainbow

I am the Keeper
Barked: Wed Dec 21, '11 4:23pm PST 
if you would have tried treatment, would it have been for you? or him? sounds to me you did your old friend the best possible treatment. letting him go with the pride, and dignity he held so dear.
the last act of love sets a tired old soul free, but rips the heart out of us.

angel feather kisses to you.

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Barked: Wed Dec 21, '11 8:30pm PST 

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Barked: Wed Dec 21, '11 10:12pm PST 
hughughughug So sorry for your loss. I think he has already told you that he was ready to go in the only way he could. It's never easy and I think we because we are not ready to lose them doubt our choice to let them have peace. When we had no real choice except that we had to accept our Matties time had come to leave us I wondered for a good while "What if?" We had tried them all and nothing worked. After hardly being able to get up even for a potty trip she walked to the car with her head up,went into the vets office with none of her typical resistence,and drifted away peacefully in our arms.She had taken care of me for years,I owed it to her to take care of her.She was sick,tired and ready she only needed me to let go. I loved her enough to do that and give her that last gift of peace. You did the same for Rowan. I would selfishly have given almost anything for just one more day. I chose to be selfless and honor her instead. Mourn your loss as you need to and as long as you need to and know that so many here understand your pain and will be here for you when you need us.hughughug
rainbowlittle angel "FLY FREE AND HAPPY ROWAN"little angelrainbow

I <3 MEAT!
Barked: Thu Dec 22, '11 10:33am PST 
hughughughughug Pawrayers and Hugs to you and your family!hughughughughughughug
rainbowlittle angel He his now young and care free at Rainbow Bridge. He will always be your guardian angel and watch over you. Have Peace knowing you did what was best for your boy even though it was hard!rainbowlittle angel

In our thoughts and Pawrayers,
Buddy,Saleega and Novie
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