Is it time? I do know how much more I can take.

Whether a dog dies, is lost or stolen, or must be placed in a new home, this is the place to gather together to give and receive love and support when you experience the loss of a beloved dog.

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Joshie a.k.a- BumBum

Barked: Sun Dec 11, '11 8:38am PST 
I love my 17 year old Shih Tzu! I really do, but I feel like I'm at a breaking point. I don't know if he has quality of life or not. He sleeps all day and only wakes up to eat, he doesn't like to be pet or cuddled anymore. He can no longer be groomed, due to incontinence, he has to be carried anywhere more than a few feet. The only time I see his tail wag is when my mother comes over (she took care of him for his first 8 years). After a few minutes he just walks into a corner and stands their waiting for her. The family joke is "if he's moving, he's peeing". I've tried every diaper possible, but I'm not getting any family support in this endeavor. Over the past few years I have completely pet proofed the house because all fabric has been destroyed. We switched to leather couches and vinyl floors, spent hundreds on steam cleaners, black lights, urine out, etc. I try to keep one 8X10 carpet in my living room because its so cold. I have buy a new one every 6 months due to pee spots. Over the summer I would drag it in the back yard each week and hose it down, let the sun dry it and bring it back inside. I have even purchased yards of clear vinyl to keep it pee-free. It's not working. I just went to clean another flood, lifted the carpet and the smell of ammonia is overwhelming. Obviously an accident that somehow wasn't caught. I've been crying all morning... over pee on a carpet??? I just don't know what to do. I love him, I really do, but I just don't know if it's time and I don't want to cry anymore.

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Gone, But Not- Forgotten.
Barked: Sun Dec 11, '11 8:54am PST 
hug That's a decision only you can make and it's a darn tough one. Sometimes it boils down to the quality of life you both have. When I had Dahlia PTS, it was at the point of not knowing what I'd wake up to or come home to. Her health was bad and I couldn't stand to see her suffer.

If you're not at that point yet, could you try containing him in one area with an X-pen? That would keep the damage to one manageable area.
Budrow RIP buddy

I am handsome - deal with it
Barked: Sun Dec 11, '11 2:29pm PST 
I agree with Dahlia.

If he isn't enjoying life anymore, then it may be best to put him to sleep. If he still finds joy in something(your mother, etc.)then the choice is harder. If you feel he's simply "existing" and not truly enjoying life, then again, it may be best to put him to sleep. It's a rough decision to make and unfortunately you know him best to make that decision. cry

hug hug

(retired)min- ister misty

be calm, dont- worry!
Barked: Wed Dec 14, '11 2:14am PST 
well he is a very very old dog ya know...
in human terms he would be a golden oldie.
and like human's,dogs get a lot of issues as well at that age.
i think that it's up to the dog to tell you he or she had enough.
my misty slept all day....
she also stopt the hugging and kissing in the few months prior due her passing...
but isn't it up to them if the still want that contact?
if the time is near,don't every living being disconnect from others to prepare for the passing moment?
but it is up to you,i would not let my dog go unless it is time to go...not because the issues get to hard for the owner to handdle
maybe you can talk to you're vet
they can help you and help you with youre feelings.
they can think along with you
i had almost daily contact in misty's last three weeks of her life with my vet.
don't take it all on you're shoulders alone...
vets are there to help,also with questions like this

Always hug your- puppy...
Barked: Thu Dec 15, '11 11:25am PST 

So many of us here have been through what you are experiencing....in your heart will know.....


xoxo River

Vaccine free- -Disease free- goes pawinpaw
Barked: Thu Dec 15, '11 5:39pm PST 
Ok I was thinking "dog diapers?" but still even if the house soiling wasn't a problem, his quality of life will be the same.hug

Can I say please, I wonder if you are crying not over pee on carpet or your frustration, but maybe that he has changed and it might be time. Like everyone said it's something only you can decide. I would drive to somewhere peaceful or sit with him in a quiet room shut the door, shut out all the mess, and think about this decision. But I wanted to say too just because he sleeps so much and doesn't wag his tail for you, doesn't mean he doesn't still love you or know you.hug

bark first, ask- questions later
Barked: Tue Dec 20, '11 5:34am PST 
I am sorry, this is the hardest decision to make. is your dog in any pain? I found the vet very helpful in asking xus the right questions about quality of life. It will be hard no matter what, but eventually it will be clear what is the most loving thing to do for your little one.
**JENNA**- (in memory)

You can love me!
Barked: Tue Dec 20, '11 7:43am PST 
Your dog is no longer enjoying life. Have the courage to help him to the bridge and do it without guilt. It's part of being a good owner.
Joshie a.k.a- BumBum

Barked: Thu Jan 19, '12 10:48am PST 
Thank you everyone. I'm still struggling. I know the time is coming. I just don't know when. frown
Angel Annie

Love my treats,- oh yeah!
Barked: Thu Jan 19, '12 1:16pm PST 
If your dog isn't enjoying life anymore and if he seems at all like he's in pain, then my opinion is the time has come. It is up to us to set them free and sometimes it's the best thing we can do for them. The hard part is that they just can't tell us that. Having been through this twice before, I know how hard it can be to make this heartwrenching decision. We are all here for you to give you comfort. Good luck on whatever you decide to do.
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