How do I get over this loss? Advice please? I feel like I never will - Rest in Peace Maggie

Whether a dog dies, is lost or stolen, or must be placed in a new home, this is the place to gather together to give and receive love and support when you experience the loss of a beloved dog.

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Lap Dog- Extraordinaire!
Barked: Thu Dec 1, '11 12:29pm PST 
Thirty-one years ago I had my heart-dog die in my arms from a tragic accident. At the time my new daughter was only 3 months old, and believe me, I loved the dog MUCH more than I did her at the time (she was colicky to boot). Terrible as it seems, I tried to bargain with God to take the baby and just give me back my precious Benji. I was so sad it seems, most days I could hardly get up and get dressed.

I still remember that day. People I'm friends with now know about my beloved Benji. I still have Shih Tzu's and I've had many over the years. I've loved every one, but never has there been another like Benji. My daughter has grown up with family stories of how I left her to go to the vet with the dog (she was with a family friend but yes, I just threw the baby to my single, childless, clueless friend, got in the car with Benji and left).

My 14-Year-Old son has heard Benji stories, seen the ribbons we won from obedience, and I even still have one of Benji's baby teeth I saved in a little bottle in my dresser. The memories will always be there. It's like a wound. It heals over slowly and in the beginning every time you think of your Maggie you peel the scab off again and the pain comes back.

Gradually however, the wound heals in spite of the pain. The scar will always be there, however, to remind you of your beloved Maggie. Someday you will laugh again, love another pet again, and be able to rejoice in life again.

Sadie Jo- Forever in- our hearts

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Barked: Thu Dec 1, '11 1:00pm PST 
So sorry for your losshughughug

It's been 2 years since we lost our Sadie and I still cry for her. It helps to remember all of the wonderful times we had together and to celebrate her life by continuing to do the things that we did together. It does get easier but the pain hasn't gone away and I still cry when I think about her and our last day together.
Talking about the life we shared and our memories always help. Not everyone understands and I came to Dogster for comfort many times after she left us. My mom didn't understand my husband did but never cared to talk about it because he was hurting as well.
In the beginning I made the mistake of comparing the other dogs to her and how she was and it wasn't far to them. None could ever replace her and none would never be the same as her and that is something that really took me a while to face. I love my other dogs but she was my heart dog and brought me back from a very dark place in my life. I always tell people that I didn't rescue her but instead she rescued me.

When you feel you need to talk about it or to cry don't be afraid to. Remember that there are a lot of understanding people in this community that are always willing to talk and help comfort you.
Kelly - Our Angel At- the Bridg

Mr. Fatty-Pants
Barked: Fri Dec 2, '11 10:02am PST 
So very sorry for your loss. Losing Kelly was the deepest heart wrenching pain I've ever felt and to this day will still bring tears to my eyes. Time does make things a bit better, and have to say the best thing I did was get on Dogster and let everyone know what happened. Even though it was extremly painful to write about - I knew that everyone here would know exactly what I was feeling and be there to offer support and just time for me to talk & grieve. So - keep writing - we are all there for you!

Jessie (Rest- in Peace, my- baby

Barked: Sun Dec 4, '11 12:53pm PST 
Oh honey I am so, so, truly sorry. frown

I am going through the EXACT same thing right now. My 15 year old Jessie passed on Friday with an almost identical issue. She was fine before I left for work and when I got home, she had thrown up and was struggling to breathe. When I brought her into the emergency vet, they said she had a tumor that had ruptured in her abdomen and it had caused her to become septic. Removing the tumor would not help her and she would only suffer and I too had to make the most difficult decision of my life.

Sweetie I don't have the answer either. frown From what I have been hearing from supportive friends and family is that you NEVER truly get over it. You cry and scream and do what you need to do to grieve. But then you need to take care of yourself. And remember good things about Maggie. Remember all the funny things she used to do and try to laugh. That's what Maggie would want. You have to try to tell yourself that Maggie isn't fully gone. She's with you in spirit. And hopefully one day you'll be sitting there and you'll suddenly be overwhelmed with her presence. And you'll know in your heart that she is somewhere beautiful and she is no longer suffering. And hopefully that will help you feel peace.

And I'm sobbing as I'm writing this. I am giving you the advice that I have been getting from everyone else because I've been a complete mess. It's been two days and I've spent most of it in bed. I can't eat or finish a sentence without completely losing it.

It can only get better with time. Be good to yourself. Be patient with yourself. If you have other pets, shower them with love and affection because they probably feel the loss too.

I'm so sorry you lost Maggie. Rest in peace Maggie and Jessie.

I hope that you are able to find comfort during this time. I know how difficult it is. You aren't alone.


Akita Pals- Always.
Barked: Wed Dec 7, '11 6:05am PST 
So sorry for your loss. Thank-you for sharing your story with Maggie to help ease her pain. I hope that you find the comfort and support that you need here to ease yours as well. I have been through it and it is never easy and you just do what you must to grieve and get on with life. Grieve as much as you need and ask for support if no onne else is willing to listen anymore then come here,there are many who will offer what comfort we can.hughughughug to you to comfort you in your loss.
Lil Man IZZ

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Barked: Wed Dec 7, '11 4:30pm PST 
((Katie)) So very sorry to hear of Maggie's passing. When our animal companions become family members there is no way to shield us from the pain of separation. When you are able I would ask you to consider finding a quiet space just for you to: 1) Talk to her. In the quiet of your heart you can always talk to Maggie. Love does not die. 2)Every time you have a sad thought fill it with a happy memory of special moments,funny things she did & in that moment breathe in the joy & remind yourself what happy feels like. Keep doing this. Dont worry if it's hard to do at the beginning..just keep at it. The point is to get to the place where you remember & feel gratitude for the gifts she gave you. I'm sure there were many. Enough to fill your heart to overflowing. It's OK to cry & be sad BUT dont stay in the unhappy place for long because it diminishes the beauty she gave you in life. I'm sending you a ((hug)) for your heart.
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