Baby of the family couldn't make it for her birthday

Whether a dog dies, is lost or stolen, or must be placed in a new home, this is the place to gather together to give and receive love and support when you experience the loss of a beloved dog.


Jun Act Cute
Barked: Mon Nov 28, '11 11:20pm PST 
Died on 22-Aug-2011 after hard battle w cancer.
(retired)min- ister misty

be calm, dont- worry!
Barked: Tue Nov 29, '11 9:12am PST 

Jun Act Cute
Barked: Tue Nov 29, '11 9:37pm PST 
Thank you. I will never recover. I am still heartbroken but I don't show it anymore.

Angel Annie

Love my treats,- oh yeah!
Barked: Wed Nov 30, '11 9:03am PST 
hughughughughug My heart breaks for you!

Hump Hump
Barked: Mon Dec 5, '11 4:39pm PST 
Its never a good day when you lose a friend ...hug

May she Rest In peace...frown

Thoughts & Prayers
Rommel & Thor.. little angel