Do you have rituals of how you say farewell to your doggie when they pass over to the bridge?

Whether a dog dies, is lost or stolen, or must be placed in a new home, this is the place to gather together to give and receive love and support when you experience the loss of a beloved dog.

bull-boy(my- sweet- angelboy)

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Barked: Mon Oct 10, '11 6:03am PST 
when bullie-boy died at the age of two we were devastated to say the least.
it was very suddon.
we took him back home and we put him in his doggiebed with his blankie over his body and all his favorite toys surrounding him.
i called those that loved bullie and we held a memorial for him at home.
with music and tears...
some of bullie's dogpark friends came over and they sniffed him....
when it went darker we took him to the dogpark and we buried him on the fishing spot he and his poppa would always fish together and we all attended,i,my husband and misty and lotus.......also my mom,my brother and his friends with their dogs...
it was a very emotional moment...but as i look back at it..it was a beautiful moment.
i look back at it with a warm feeling...
some people thought that i was over the top,that i treated bullie as a human and that it was very strange...
but i would not change a thing...
it was the way i needed it to be done for my bullers.
and they are family,i don't care what others say in my surrounding circle!
In loving- memory of- Cinnamon ~

A truly good dog- never really- leaves
Barked: Thu Oct 13, '11 6:52pm PST 
I have a personal, quite memorial in which I light a couple candles and put up a picture of the dog that passed. I can get pretty emotional during it and being a bit withdrawn, I don't like people seeing me in such a state so I always do it while I'm alone.

I buried Chance myself and it was hard to do, but it helped it hit home for me. Helped me realize it had happened and I believe, helped me a bit with the early stages of grieving. I confess, however, that I was unable to bury Cinnamon myself. I was in so much shock that the very idea seemed foreign. I regret not doing it but I stand by her grave now at least once a week.