Say a prayer for Red Hank

Whether a dog dies, is lost or stolen, or must be placed in a new home, this is the place to gather together to give and receive love and support when you experience the loss of a beloved dog.

Roxie RIP my- Beloved- Princess

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Barked: Mon Jul 4, '11 6:32am PST 
H Everybody,

I went to Rainbow bridge on Valentines Day. Mommy continues to try to help the loose dogs in our horrible neighborhood. Last thursday Red Hank a beautiful starving big red pitbull came to our door. Mommy offered him some cool water and a piece of bologna. He came in the gate. After giving him a soft place to lie and a some food, she reluctantly took him to the shelter to see if anyone would come to collect this YEAR OLD sweetie.

Seven days later mommy went to see him and get him out of there but he was near death. Seems the kennel cough he contracted at South Central shelter turned into pneumonia. They started another round of antibiotics. We prayed and waited. Sunday he was worse. Our only option was to immediately take him to a pet hospital since the City of Los Angeles has no money for IV drugs for shelter dogs in South Central, but the vet advised against it since he was barely standing.

Mommy gave him a massage and held him tearfully for a few moments. A volunteer promised me she would hold him as a member of the public can not watch dogs being put to sleep (!!) and at 4:46 pm Red Hank, whose only crime is that he as was a pitbull in south central LA died at one year old. He was kind, gentle, respectful, good with other dogs.

Say a prayer for Red Hank. I will teach him how to get all the good treats here at the bridge. He did not deserve to die. Mommy feels sad all over again, but I tell her I will now watch Red Hank. She still has Dewey and Petey to take care of.

Your pal
Roxielittle angel
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Barked: Mon Jul 4, '11 7:00am PST 
Fly free Red Hank little angellittle angellittle angellittle angellittle angel So sorry your short life was not a good one hug
Molly Doll (- In Loving- Memory)

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Barked: Mon Jul 4, '11 8:08am PST 
Roxie we are praying for your safe journey to the bridge.
We are sending you and your Mommy lots of hugs and love and we want your mommy to know we are here for her always.
Rest in peace Roxie xxxx

Roxie RIP my- Beloved- Princess

Shredding needed- call me..
Barked: Mon Jul 4, '11 4:26pm PST 
Thanks for your wishes.

Red hank is in heaven now. Thanks for your words of comfor.
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Barked: Tue Jul 5, '11 3:23am PST 
fly free red hank.
free from mean people and in heaven you are not judged.
we wuv youhug
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Barked: Tue Jul 5, '11 4:58am PST 
hug hug hug hug hug hug hug hug hug hug hug hug hug cry cry
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Barked: Wed Jul 6, '11 4:49pm PST 
I'll look out for Red Hank also over here on the Bridge too, us angel pups have to stick together. little angel
At least Red Hank knew kindness before her joined us at the bridge, and that was all because of your momma. Many prayers for Red Hank, and the many other pit bulls and 'dangerous' breeds in the shelters.
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Barked: Tue Jul 12, '11 1:45am PST 
Goodbye, Hank. One day pitbulls like you will have a much more fair chance in life. Rest in peace, little boy, because you were innocent, and are innocent.