put an aggressive dog to sleep? HELP!

Whether a dog dies, is lost or stolen, or must be placed in a new home, this is the place to gather together to give and receive love and support when you experience the loss of a beloved dog.

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Barked: Wed Aug 16, '06 10:06am PST 
I was very nervous to post my thoughts on the issue-thanks to everyone for being nice. But one thing keeps coming up. That Jake's mom is jumping on the PTS bandwagon and should try to work with him. From what she posted, it seems to me like she has tried to work with him-and now has a well trained, aggressive dog. And even Ceaser M has made the comment about training doesn't equal no aggression or a dog you can control.

I think Ceaser is a very unique person who must get flooded with pleas for help. But he can't fix them all. And the show even says "do not try this without consulting a trained proffesional". I like to watch the show, but I can't repeat what he does. I have seen the horse whisperer in person-amazing-again I couldn't do it. They have a gift.

What Jake's mom has is a serious problem. And she was begging for a little help with a gut wrenching choice-protect jake's next bite victim, or keep him in doggy prison with no parole and sentence herself to being his corrections officer. She even said that everyone she talks to (I am assuming in person) fusses at her for not PTS or fusses at her for thinking of doing it. I can only imagine how trapped she must feel. And too Jake's mom if I came down as a bit harsh on the PTS side-I am sorry. I didn't mean to make you feel worse but I just felt like no one was considering the flip side to the situation-what can happen if the next person bitten isn't an adult and it isn't just shorts that get ripped to shreds. I think with any dog that has given clear signs that they are aggressive the owner has to step up and put the safety of others (be they other people's pets, kids, or the mailman bringing you a new pet supply from mailorder) in the same context as how much they care for thier own pet. To me it is a matter of being a responsible dog owner and a good rep of dog owners everywhere. Sorry if that upsets anyone but it seems like there is so much focus on why Jake is doing this, and not enough focus on what his actions are resulting in. Injured people and a stressed out, upset mommy who is fearful of where this behavior may go next. Again-sorry if I offended.
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Barked: Wed Aug 16, '06 12:54pm PST 
When we say our dog would never bite it wasn't meant to be taken literally- Sorry. Of course I don't think she ever will bite but like you said. UNPREDICTABLE! I mean that if you know your pet really well you usually also know their limits too. We don't put our dogs in situations that upset them. Or stress them out. But some dogs it seems all situations add some sort of stress. Also you could have a little dog that if too stressed would or could do little damage. We also need to consider the size of the breed. If you were a big enough person you could push a little dog away if you needed to. But all of my dogs are large breed dogs. They have to listen or they are more dangerous. Then you have the pet owners. I have seen many times people who get dogs but have no idea how to handle them. If they happen to be a large breed dog and they ( the owners ) won't learn ( no time , Dont care or for whatever reason just don't want to be bothered with it) Then is when everyone else has to deal with a dog who has problems.
My husbands company will not allow their employees to go into a home with a dog. He has had many different responses to this. Some people say Oh my dog would NEVER bite. ( There is that word again) Some refuse to put their dogs out and has to leave w/out fixing their phone. They get very angry but the company has had so many problems due to bites that they made it a rule that leaves no flexibility. The company isn't willing to have someone out on workers comp for however many weeks. Many of these dogs have bitten before.
To bad there is not a rule book that works everytime.
My point is that we have
different types of dogs
different breed and sizes
different types of owners, etc
and we have to take all of this into consideration.

This kind of question really requires many more details.

I am the- Dreamsicle-you- may kiss my nose
Barked: Wed Aug 16, '06 1:08pm PST 
You are right, there are lots of aspects to this. And more details would help-when did Jake bite the first person and how many times has he bitten people. I wish his mom would update us on her choice. I wouldn't judge her not matter the outcome, I just am interested in how things are going and how she is doing under the circumstances.
Katie's mom

Thomas- Pickles

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Barked: Wed Aug 16, '06 6:25pm PST 
Gotcha Raja, I don't believe Nina would ever bite, but you just don't know what goes through their little minds sometimes so you can't be certain. Thanks for clearing that up. smile
tufferthanba- tman

Barked: Thu Aug 17, '06 4:35am PST 
I rescued another dog and brought her home. When I put the two dogs together they fought. If anyone has seen first hand a serious dog fight they know it is really scary. I got 3 fingers bitten to the bone trying to separate them. My dogs aren’t that big. My wife was so upset. We thought of sending her back but we got attached to her. So we found a really good trainer and we took them both. Once a week for six weeks. I watched other people in the class and could tell that they weren’t working at home with their dogs. But my wife and I rolled up our sleeves and got to work. After six weeks the dogs got along and were playing together. They enjoyed each other. The reason I’m for training is because I’ve seen what it can do. I do believe that if Jake’s mom decides on training, she has to take it seriously. It’s hard work and takes time. If she doesn’t have the money, time or will than she should put the dog down or give him to someone who is up to the challenge. If she takes the dog to training classes and doesn’t implement the techniques at home than she is wasting her time and money.
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Barked: Thu Aug 17, '06 7:54am PST 

I completely agree with the training as well. My two Eskimos fight and my room mate has gotten bitten, trying to separate them. They need to go in for training as well, but for the most part, they get along great.

To the Original Poster, have you made a decision yet? Please, keep us updated.
tufferthanba- tman

Barked: Fri Aug 18, '06 10:31am PST 
Dogs are very social animals. Pack structure is very important to them. It means life or death. When the pack structure is not clearly defined it is very stressful. Aggressive behavior is usually caused by this. When you the owner take the alpha position and the pack structure is well defined aggresive behavior usually stops. Dogs test the structure daily. It gives them assurance that it exists and in place. The key is recognizing the challenges your dog makes.

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Barked: Sat Aug 19, '06 8:20am PST 
We agree that all dogs should be given a chance to show that they can be reformed and that behavior can be modified. Unfortunately for Jake if he bites a few more folks and it becomes an issue with the local police the issue will be taken out of his owners hands.

We agree that all steps to try and modify his behavior should be taken as he appears and sounds like such a sweet boy.

Mark (my daddy) used Ceasers techniques long before people ever knew there was a Ceaser andhe's been able to help some of the nastiest little biters in our apartment complex. Find out what the root of the behavior is and then correct,correct correct and keep correcting till the dog gets the picture. Even to this day Daddy Mark still "Puts the Bite" on me when I get too uppity and forget my place in the pack.

Spare no effort to help poor Jake and do what you can to keep him away from folks and a good soft MUZZLE will do WONDERS when you take him for a walk. Takes the Piss and Vinegar right out of him and makes him realize that he's not gonna be able to bite anyone while its on...

Beest of Luck Jake

Emma and the Cats

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Barked: Tue Sep 12, '06 8:07pm PST 
Hello again everyone.

Thanks to everyone for their posts, I've read them all as well as all my pmails. I'm sorry for such a long overdue update.. I have actually moved 2000km away, so I've been without internet for a while.

After speaking with my vet (who said he thought it was the right decision) I made an appointment to have Jake put to sleep after his quarantine period was over.

However, I did not keep this appointment. Jake actually made the 21 hour drive up here with me and Tinkerbelle. He is now living with a good friend of mine. My friend runs a rescue (www.localdogrescue.com) and he has taken Jake in to work with him.

I must admit I am still somewhat aprehensive about this situation... as I know there is still the possibility that Jake could hurt someone. However I trust my friend and his ability with dogs, as well as his love for dogs, and I know Jake is in the best hands right now.

To all of you who sent me pmails and left your messages of compassion and understanding.. THANK YOU. I cannot tell you what it means to me to know that there are people who truly understand. And it's true... no one who hasn't been through it can really even begin to comprehend the situation. No one WANTS to put a dog to sleep...

I love Jake, and it is because of that love that I was considering putting him to sleep. To those of you who don't understand that... you might never. In some ways I feel like my decision to rehome Jake is only a temporary bandaid to solve this problem.. but if there is one last thing I can do for Jake in hopes of helping him.. this is it. I truly hope his aggression is something I never have to think about again. For now, I know he is happy. He has adjusted quite well to life with his new daddy and about 10 new brothers and sisters. He goes for car rides everyday, and has a big backyard to run in. And his new Daddy lets him have Timbits so he's a happy camper. Tinkerbelle and I are living only about 15 minutes away, and Tink and I go over to see him a couple times a week, so he still has his mommy and sister.

To everyone who shared, again thank you, and my thoughts go out to all of you who have been or are going through similar situations. If anyone ever needs a shoulder to cry on or someone to talk to, please don't hestitate to email me. To the rest, I hope you are never faced with making such a decision about your dog.


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Barked: Tue Sep 12, '06 9:36pm PST 
I am so glad to read your post. I have been wondering about what happened, and I am very relieved to know it wasn't the negativity that kept you away.

I think you can feel at ease knowing you really and truly are doing all you can. If a man can have 1o dogs, and take them for rides, and even let you come visit, sounds like a win-win situation. And if it doesn't work, you tried everything.

Take care of Tink, and know, Jake loves you too...
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