put an aggressive dog to sleep? HELP!

Whether a dog dies, is lost or stolen, or must be placed in a new home, this is the place to gather together to give and receive love and support when you experience the loss of a beloved dog.

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Odie O scaried- cat
Barked: Wed Aug 9, '06 4:28pm PST 
I watch animal planet and I have caught Cesar the Dog Whisper. He can do everything with dogs. he has a book out maybe check and see if he has a web site good luck I would try everything before putting him down.. Good Luck

am a big baby!
Barked: Wed Aug 9, '06 11:36pm PST 
Putting him to sleep is one of your options, but you might consider using a muzzle on him and start socializing him; even though he knew the people, sounds like there was a crowd; so that might have provoked him. My foster dog did not like man, i think his previous owner was a guy and abused him, so i made all the guys i know come and see him and play w/him, and if he was aggressive, I told them to take him down (w/o hurting him) showing who is the boss. It took a few tries, he barks at people but he no longer tries to attack, he is also always on a leash. Try to find a trainer that specializes on aggressive dogs, to see if he has a chance to improve or not, remember that this will take a lot of training. But I think using a muzzle and training on basic commands such as sit, stay, come will help you a lot. Good luck.
Iris Foxie,- certified SD

Mom's wish is my- command
Barked: Thu Aug 10, '06 9:33am PST 
I really feel for you. some are saying to muzzle your dog while you are out. but it sounds like the dog escaped to attack. any dog can scooot out the door in a flash, before you have thought about a muzzle. the vet may find he has a physical problem, or not, but would be able to advise you. most of us can't get Cesar Milan to drop by and help with problems. you will do what is right, you are a responsible handler, and I support whatever that is. border collies have been known to go nuts, if they don't have a job to do.

Snickers - At the- bridge

The wonder dog!
Barked: Thu Aug 10, '06 10:12am PST 
I would not put him down. My dog Snickers has the same issues, although he has never bit anyone he has snapped at people at times. I have just learned how to live with it. When people come over I will shut him in another room. I only take him places where there are few people around and things like that. He is very loving towards family and is fine with not being a social butterfly. I took Snickers to a behavorist and they gave me many things to work on with him but the problem is that I don't have time to work with him. Just my opinion not to put him down because I couldn't live with knowing I killed my dog.
Rosie the 3- legged- wondermutt!

I am the ALPHA &- OMEGA!
Barked: Thu Aug 10, '06 11:05am PST 
I have to poke my nose into this one. Putting your dog down is the irresponsible choice. Its the easy way out of a tough situation. So far you think you have done the right thing by acting certain ways to try and protect your dog from the stresses that cause him to react in ways you don't like. Actually, all you have done is exacerbate the entire problem by making it less social and you more apprehensive. Dogs sense your stress and apprehension and can react based on this alone. The solution find a good trainer/behaviorist to work with you and your dog in the environments that cause issues and in your own home. If you cannot do this I suggest finding a rescue organization that will be willing to take him and find him a home that will find a behavorist to work with him.
In memory- of a special- Dozer

Dozer - Just love me
Barked: Thu Aug 10, '06 12:48pm PST 
I am not saying you should or shouldn' put your dog down. I just wanted to point out that many people would say that it is irresponsible to keep an aggressive dog alive?? This is one reason why these decisions are so hard. You are told by some that it is irresponsible to put down an aggreesive dog and then others who say it is irresponsible to keep an aggressive dog alive??? I am not trying to attack anyone, just pointing out how hard it is to know what is the right thing to do.
Rosie (waiting at The Bridge)

ON DUTY-Standing- guard at- Heaven's Gate
Barked: Thu Aug 10, '06 10:41pm PST 
No one who hasn't been there can fully understand...6-15 my sweet Rosie died with her head in my lap...I rescued her 12-1 & from that day worked with my trainer/behaivorist & vet to get through her aggression issues...If she'd given me something to work with (warning she would attack) I might have been able to help her...Sadly I had to make the responsible choice to send her on after witnessing unpredictible aggression & behaivor on a daily basis...There was nowhere for her to go & it wasn't safe to keep her here...I am sick with heartache each & every day that I could not save her.
I do agree that all measures should be taken to assure this dog can't be "fixed" but in the end only the person who keeps her & loves her knows what the answer is & if they have done all that can be done.
My heart goes out to you in this difficult time.

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Buddie D.- Smith- 1993-2006

Love- Never- Dies
Barked: Fri Aug 11, '06 12:05am PST 
I hate to butt in here, doggies.... but hasnt anyone else noticed that the author of this thread hasnt had anything to say in over a week?

Jake's Mom - what's the deal? An update by the author of a thread this popular would be nice. Have you made any decisions? How is Jake doing? How are you doing? We are keeping you in our thoughts & hope all is going well for the both of you.

Baby Bull Dozer

slobber and- slime. Its o.k.
Barked: Fri Aug 11, '06 12:05am PST 
I am so sorry that you have to even consider this but you ARE doing the right thing by putting him down . I had a friend who paid 2000.00 for the most beautiful great dane I have ever seen. He bit me when he was 4 months old. Not only did he bite he wouldn't let go. Later he started biting others. Her niece etc..( 9 times) . Never them. She paid a trainer at least a thousand dollars over a short period of time to help and later he bit the trainer. She ended up giving him back to the breeder. ( I don't know what the breeder did with him, hopefully he didn't sell him to someone else.) Anyway, some dogs are just like that. It takes a lot out of you if you have to worry all the time wether your dog will bite again. I am a huge dog lover. The biggest you'll ever find. But it is one of the responsibilties as dog owners that we have . You must protect the people around your animals. Now that he has bitten you are even more responsible. He looks like a big dog. What if it was a child? Consider how you might feel if he didn't have you around to stop him and he hurt someone really bad. I'm sure you have or will try everything you can but don't beat yourself up over this. You sound like a very responsible pet owner. You will do the right thing. Your other option is to keep him muzzled ALL the time. I have 3 dogs, all big ones. I would do the same thing. You could lose everything...Then you wouldn't be able to help other dogs in need. Dog owners who put peoples safety behind there love of a dog are irresponsible and selfish pet owners. You are a very smart woman and deserve our compassion. Not our criticism.!!!!!!

I didnt deserve- to die.
Barked: Fri Aug 11, '06 12:15am PST 
Why dont you muzzle him when he goes out to places?
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