put an aggressive dog to sleep? HELP!

Whether a dog dies, is lost or stolen, or must be placed in a new home, this is the place to gather together to give and receive love and support when you experience the loss of a beloved dog.

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Happy, Happy- Girl!
Barked: Sat Aug 5, '06 8:03am PST 
You need the right trainer. The dog is reacting to you and your emotions. You are afraid he will attack and you give off that "scent". When you react (physically and emotionally) to a situation, your dog senses and reacts. If you truly do not want to put him down then you need to find a trainer that understands how to retrain him AND YOU. It's useless to train the dog if your going act the same way. You're not the "pack" leader and your dog knows this. I hope you will look for a trainer certified in dealing with this behavior before you do anything else.

Maggie 4 eva!
Barked: Sun Aug 6, '06 6:48am PST 
well if some one abued him when he was little maybe he pick up a scent or looked like the person

Forget ME Not!
Barked: Sun Aug 6, '06 4:22pm PST 
I had a dog just like him. A total ticking time bomb. We got him as a puppy and as he grew his lab features turned to part Pit. With knowing that we began to give extra discipline. It started to go down hill when he was 6 months old. I was very much pregnant and we were leaving for a trip the day before I took him to my parents home which he had been there before and knew them but suddenly turned against my stepdad and bit him bad 4 times. My dad said I was lucky that he wasn't someone else or they would of sued me. Taking that into consideration, we had to make the choice of taking him to a shelter (actually my dad took him for me since I was a total wreck!) Keeping Bison was very hard. He was very aggressive and his mind seemed like a ticking time bomb. He would NOT STOP biting/nipping at us (and this was NOT PUPPY PLAY) and when he came into the house he had to be put into a crate and on walks or in public he had to be mussled up. We couldn't trust him at all. I made the decision to put him in a shelter that way he might have another chance to succeed with someone else. I didn't want to end his life so we gave him up.And it wasn't fair that he had to live in crates or being musseled up. Sad story but I had to think of my future newborn and we knew after the biting incidents we couldn't trust him....well, ever because he was very hostile. We don't know what happened to him and will never know. But I wouldn't put him down. Don't put your dog down either. Take him to a rescue or a shelter. OR find someone a rescue who works with dogs like yours. (This story was a story in a nut-shell and many other biting incidents were left out)

Oliver Twist

Not the sharpest- tool in the shed
Barked: Mon Aug 7, '06 6:16am PST 
Gee, I'm really sorry! Mabey you could try traing, or like a doggy therapist or something. They must have one somewhere!
tufferthanba- tman

Barked: Mon Aug 7, '06 10:17am PST 
You have got to take the alpha position. Once you do that, then you set all the rules. From eating, playing, barking and aggression. Your dog will know aggression is not tolerated. You need to find a good trainer. He may listen but that doesn't me he understands that you run the show. For example, my dog barks when people come to the dog but because I have taken the alpha position (through training) when I say good boy he immediately stops barking. To him I'm saying, "thankyou for alerting me but I'll take it from here" He would fight with another dog that we got and after 3 weeks of training they were playing together. It's an option.

ATB 2/23/06 - 12 years of- terrier love
Barked: Mon Aug 7, '06 10:57am PST 
I know that you are in an emotional battle right now. I know you love your dog.

But my little dog was nearly killed in front of me in a totally unprovoked attack by an aggressive dog that slipped its collar. It was the second unprovoked attack by this dog in a matter of months and there had been other incidents with this dog, that also had been abused as a puppy. If the owners had not acted responsibly, paying my vet bills and having their dog euthanized, I would have insisted on it. In my state, there is no free bite for any dog. Homeowner's insurance can be cancelled like that! if your dog attacks a person. I think you've been lucky, so far. My niece rescued a dog with issues, spent a small fortune on it with various trainers, until one finally had the sense to say that no way could she ever consider the dog to be safe, especially around her children. She had the dog euthanized as she couldn't in conscience pass the dog on to anyone else. My stepson came to the same heartbreaking conclusion with his dog, also after seeking retraining help. And that dog had been raised with love and professional training from puppyhood.

I realize I'm the dissenter here, but I also owned a gentle protective dog who would have attacked anyone trying to get close to me, including visitors who were just crossing the room. While I felt vulnerable after she died, and missed her, I was also relieved in that I didn't have to worry about being sued by someone who just happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time.

Maybe the right trainer can solve your dog's problem. I hope so.
tufferthanba- tman

Barked: Mon Aug 7, '06 1:20pm PST 
If we put down every dog that bit somebody or something there wouldn't be any dogs to love. If money is not an issue. Than give a trainer a try. But beware of the work. I've seen people take dogs to training but the only training is when class is in session. In order for training to work it has to be done at home aswell. Good luck and best wishes. I will say a prayer for you and your dog.

Please Don't- Breed - Adopt A Shelter- Dog
Barked: Mon Aug 7, '06 1:44pm PST 
I think you should try an animal behaviorist and have them assess Jake before you do anything rash. I viewed his pictures -he looks like hs is great with family members. Sometimes training techniques can work wonders on aggressive dogs - I would do everything possible to keep him around. He's clearly been a devoted companion to you and your family.

I feel the- need..the need- to retrieve!
Barked: Mon Aug 7, '06 5:46pm PST 
You are doing the right thing by going to talk to your Vet, a professional who is familiar with your dog can best advise you in this situation . I am hoping that there is medicine or training that will help. Good Luck
Peanut Baby

Getting a- furless sister!
Barked: Mon Aug 7, '06 7:06pm PST 
Okay, if it was my dog...I don't think that I could ever put him to sleep. I have always had small dogs though and they could never actually put someone in a hospital even if they are having the same issues.

That being said, you are in shoes that I would never want to be in. It's obvious that you can't trust him and especially if he has done this more than once.

What happens if he really hurts someone? I am not saying that there is no hope for him, but I think you should try every possible solution and if things don't get better, you might have to put him down.

I really hope things get fixed for you, because it's a super hard decision for a mommy to make. I don't think that I could do it.
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