put an aggressive dog to sleep? HELP!

Whether a dog dies, is lost or stolen, or must be placed in a new home, this is the place to gather together to give and receive love and support when you experience the loss of a beloved dog.

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Zoya -Our- Family's- Guardian
Barked: Tue Sep 12, '06 10:31pm PST 
Hi-I've been following your progress because of my experience with Zoya several years ago. You are giving Jake a chance to be retrained and, if you don't have a fenced yard and enclosed dog run to keep the dog when people come over to visit, then he may be better in a different home.

Not every dog has to go for car rides and be present at the family BBQ, especially if you know you can't trust this dog to behave submissively to humans. Zoya was fine with me and my daughters (which was her job). I could take her to the beach or for a walk in the park but only if there were not a lot of other people around. She was always on a leash and choker when not in the house. I adored this dog and trusted her to keep us safe and she did but I did not put her into situations that were precarious for her or others. She never bit anyone (except the cat who fell on her when she was sleeping) but she intimidated a lot of people and her reputation preceded her. My new dog Annie is the exact opposite-she was licking the toes of my 9 month old granddaughter this weekend and laid flat on the floor so as not to scare her. I think you are making a wise decision with Jake and, at the moment, you both have the best of both worlds. Let us know how this works out, ok. Zoya and Annies' Mom, Gini
Rosalita Lola "Rosie"

Love is never- being told you'- naughty!
Barked: Wed Sep 13, '06 1:13pm PST 
I am so pleased that Jake is still with us. I have to say that judging from the place you mention where he has gone to, looking at the website, looks excellent. They seem to take great care making pictures and videos of all their dogs. I hope he gets rehomed really soon and finds the care he needs to get him through all his difficulties.
Jake Logan

Livin' a big- life!!!
Barked: Wed Sep 13, '06 1:16pm PST 
Wow, I am so relieved glad to hear what a great situation you found for Jake! And, I'm so happy that he is getting a chance to learn new social skills and hopefully lose the aggressive behavior. I know what a stressful situation this has been for you.

As you know, my Jake bit a dog in our fenced dog run. I have been working with him 24/7, including running with him 4-6x/week to release any pent-up energy, etc. However, one thing is clear, while Jake is very well-behaved on leash, he can never be off-leash around other dogs. And, I think Jake is going to live a perfectly happy life since he is such a people lover - I don't think dogs have to be with other dogs so long as their needs are met.

So, I hope you are feeling much better!!

Mr Sam

Couch potato
Barked: Wed Sep 13, '06 7:57pm PST 
Definitely get him into some training. he probably sense your fear when he gets near people and may think he is defending you. he doesn't understand that your fear is he may bite someone or attack someone. You have to be the alpha male. Please get him some one on one training. Mommy is the alpha mom in our house. We listen to her but not to Daddy. he always has to get Mommy to get us to do
the things he wants us to do, like come in or lay down.
♥- Mystique- ♥ RIP

Princes- s of- Trouble
Barked: Thu Sep 14, '06 6:12am PST 
Putting the dog down is not the solution. Mystique is an aggresive dog with people all the way around, we had a pittbull that was liek this as well. But we know our dogs and we take the necessary precautions for them. First off, you may want to consider some type of training, they have behavior classes for dogs. Second your dog if he is this aggressive should be on a leash at all times and if needed you may want to muzzle him. Third, locking the dog up is not an option either, if he does not like people as much as you say he does than do your best to keep him away from people. It sounds to me like he is an older dog set in his own ways too, he may just not want to be bothered with the outside world. I have had Mystique for three years going on four and she has never once bitten anyone, why because I make sure she is in control. If you are going to be the owner of a dog like Jake you just have to make sure you take the proper pre-cautions sweety. Anyway good luck!
Farrah- ♥12/9- 7-3/06

I love Bosco,- Jack & GR
Barked: Fri Sep 15, '06 8:45am PST 
I'm glad that you rehomed Jake instead of putting him down. Don't say that none of us know. Many of us had to make the decision of whether to put a dog to sleep...for whatever reason.

Dogs deserve a chance, which I'm glad that you gave Jake. Don't be so fast to jump on the PTS bandwagon. Let your friend work with him. I just don't believe in PTS unless it's a very sick animal or you have tried EVERYTHING with the animal (beit dog, cat,mouse, whatever) and nothing works.

Again, thank you for giving Jake another chance. There is the possibility that your home may not be the right home for him. I haven't read to much on him or his background. He could be better off with someone who can handle him, but I understand that you will always love him.

Barked: Wed Sep 27, '06 6:36pm PST 
my dog Deuce is EXACTLY the same. The only difference is he is small. I feel I have done as much as I can sometimes: Dog trainer, dog behaviorist, even dog training/boarding for $1600. He makes improvements, but he will always have a screw loose. your post really hit me hard, as I am going through the exact same experience. He is really loving and I have a great bond with him. I am willing to do the work, and live with my "timebomb" most days. But I am doing so at the expense of my family, who don't share as close a bond as I do. I am tormented by the thought of putting down. On one hand, I know logically I should put him down. But I have ethical as well as deep emotional reservations/doubts about doing this. In the meantime, I use a muzzle, I go to training (I have a private session with a dog trainer), and I keep him in good situations. Notice I use the word "I". I just don't now how fair it is, to ask others to work with Deuce, and live with his instability. Not much in terms of advice, maybe just a fellow dog owner who knows your pain.

Chia Kitai!
Barked: Wed Sep 27, '06 7:22pm PST 
Good for you! I know not everyone here feels the same way but I think the "right" home is far more important then the wrong "forever" home. And the legal issues if he had seriously injured someone couldn't be casually dismissed. I think it's a sign of a truly responsible owner that you were willing to acknowledge this. Jake obviously needed to be with someone who had more experience dealing with aggression issues. I think it's great that you found a way to give him that second chance.
Russell- woo-woo- *Hearing- dog*

My Mommy is a- certified dog- trainer
Barked: Thu Sep 28, '06 6:17am PST 
No! Please don't put him down!! Ok... Have you tried to take Jake to a animal behavorist? ( NOT A TRAINER). Animal behaviorist work with many diffrent cases, plus they may be able to tell you why Jake is acting in such a way.
Farrah- ♥12/9- 7-3/06

I love Bosco,- Jack & GR
Barked: Thu Sep 28, '06 7:11am PST 
Duece, I am glad that you are still with us as well. I'm glad that your human is working with you. You sound like my brother, Flash, who was abused before Mom adopted him. If that is the case, your human has to take it extra gentle with you. Which could be the reason why you trust your human and not anyone else. He/She should also let people, who come near you, know of the situation. When people come over, off in another room or crate you go.

I applaud your human for doing what he/she can do for you and I applaud them for not putting you down.
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