October is Adopt a Shelter Dog Month!

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I'm the Bee's- Knees!

Barked: Tue Oct 8, '13 4:33pm PST 
Join Dogster to help spread awareness by sharing this image on your Pet Page and/or any of the other social-networking sites to which you belong! Use #dogstershelterdog on Instagram to be included in a slideshow on Dogster!

... And please share for #adoptashelterdog month!

Add a NEW photo to your Pet Page, and tag your photos dogstershelterdog and join the Adopt a Shelter Dog Stroll on Dogster!

We are their voice!

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I'm the Bee's- Knees!

Barked: Wed Oct 16, '13 12:00pm PST 
Pawlease keep tagging. I am adding the photos to my Instagram account, @PawPawrazzi, and tagging the #dogstershelterdog, so look out for your pup's photos on the Dogster Shelter Dog Slideshow!

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Sweet & loving- life!
Barked: Thu Oct 17, '13 10:13am PST 
YAY! For us & Dogster! Thank you Beasley & Lorikissingkissingkissingkissing

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