You Have Received a Comment - VIRUS?????

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Barked: Fri Nov 2, '12 4:36pm PST 
Dogster Central --

I have been getting 10-12 email messages a day to my personal email from dogsters@dogster.com using your logo that states:

Hey there!

Looks like somebody just posted a comment on one of your pages!

Followed by gobbledygook and links to stuff I am 100% certain aren't going to take me to my diary.

Because I work in cyber security I bypass the email and go to my page directly -- I have no new comments.

What's up with this?????

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Barked: Sun Nov 4, '12 6:53pm PST 
Since you work in cyber security, you must know how to examine the full header of the emails to determine their true source and authenticity. You might find that the info has been spoofed. If not, you need to report this directly to Dogster HQ by using the Contact link found at the bottom of every page.

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Barked: Tue Nov 6, '12 5:34pm PST 
from: Dogster dogsters@dogster.com
to: deleted for privacy
date: Sun, Nov 4, 2012 at 9:16 AM
subject: You Have Received a Comment
mailed-by: dogster.com
signed-by: dogster.com

Hey there!

Looks like somebody just posted a comment on one of your pages!

Followed by this -

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Flicka ~ CGC

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Barked: Tue Nov 6, '12 8:09pm PST 

Send that to HQ....

See CONTACT link at the bottom of the page....(any page on the site has that link)

HQ do not monitor the Forums.... unless you send that in to them.... it wont be seen.

Webster did suggest that course of action.

What they dont see if you dont send it to them ... they cant fix.

If you HAVE sent that on to them via the CONTACT link.. then they will answer you.

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Beanster, CD, RN, CGC

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Barked: Wed Nov 7, '12 10:39am PST 
Same thing happened to me. Rascol IF you do follow the email thread to the comment, you WILL find it IS in your diary, but it is buried way back in an entry from long ago, in my case some were entries I had made two or three years ago!
I did forward all comments to HQ and they made them go away, and ultimately they stopped.
Some of the links were to extremely sexual pages which was terribly annoying!

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Barked: Wed Nov 7, '12 3:41pm PST 
Thanks guys. I did contact HQ, they have responded.

I do wonder, however, why they don't monitor this forum when they clearly state above - We woof you right back!

But they're working on it.
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Barked: Fri Nov 9, '12 4:52am PST 
We have been receiving comments such as you are for over a month, possibly staring in early October. TDogster Watchdogs are excellent about removing the Spam, as it is different names posting it - 2 of the comments were scary - "hello, goodbye now" - and that freaked us. Watchdog emails us - we copy the diary entries and send back to them and they delete.

Nothing, no website, is safe from Spam - and having things 'invade' a private place, for lack of a better phrase, unfortunately.

Sadly, it is on Rocky, our precious Angel's page, and that gives us a chill.

Dogster has been wonderful in trying to get this under control way to go