Do we really need all these forums?

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Barked: Mon Apr 4, '11 1:39pm PST 
I do respect the growing amount of dogs on here, but why do we need all these forums to go along with it?
We have a FOOD & NUTRITION forum, why do we need a WET DOG FOOD forum too? Is that not considered FOOD? shrug

A small dog forum? Well where's the big dog forum? We both have difference's...so if you're going to catorgorize like this..why not have a big dog forum too?

And honestly, the 'Dogs and a clean home' forum makes me LOL. big laugh Dogs...and a clean home? big laugh big laugh I don't think they mix!

Just voicing my opinion over here. Seems like if I leave for a bit and come back there's more forums everytime!

Member Since
Barked: Mon Apr 4, '11 2:01pm PST 
I agree, some of these forums are very inactive.

Where can I run- today?
Barked: Tue Apr 5, '11 11:03am PST 
Absolutely too much.


too old to eat- any more KD
Barked: Tue Apr 5, '11 11:35am PST 
My advice is for all concerned to contact HQ directly, not in the forums. If we all let them know through the proper channels perhaps change will comesmile

Whippy- The- Whipador
Barked: Tue Apr 5, '11 12:24pm PST 
I don't mind them shrug Variety is the spice of life as they say.

Barked: Tue Apr 5, '11 12:47pm PST 
I already contacted HQs about 2 weeks ago and nothing happened. There are 4 food forums, then you have puppy, small dogs, and seniors and a few other forums that aren't neccessary.There's alot of cross posting going on because of it. I suggested them to start a "general questions" forum for people that have questions about things that don't fall into any of the other catagories. For example when people have questions about doggy doors. What catagory does that fall under? NONE. And someone asked once how others disgard poop in the yard. Again, that doesn't fall into any of the catagories. Certainly not in any of the 4 food forums. When people don't know where something goes, they post it in behavior and training. What do you all think?

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Im just a little- guy
Barked: Wed Apr 6, '11 8:25pm PST 
The poop question would fall under dogs and a clean home.

Some of these forums where once sponsored. Example: The small dog forum. This forum was once sponsered by Mighty Dog. When the sponsorship ended they actually took the forum down. People complained and it was put back on. There was backlash to removing this one.

It seems the canned food forum has Alpo adds. This seems to be why this one exists. Dogs and a clean home was or still is sponsered by Bistol. Some of these forums seem to be created for profits. For this site to continue and be profitable they do things like this.

I don't think it's a big deal. I don't have to participate in these forums. I like the senior, and small dog forum. My dog fits in both of these categories. If there's a puppy forum, why not a senior? Both these age groups have their own needs and interests.

I do think there should be a large and medium dog forum.

I learned about cleaning with Vinegar in Dogs and a Clean Home. I find this discovery very helpful and credit that particular forum for it.
Lucky, NTD

Novice trick- dog!
Barked: Thu Apr 7, '11 4:27pm PST 
Agreed. I do not think we need BOTH a "Home Prepared Food & Recipes" forum and a "Raw Food Diet" forum.

And I really don't think we need Other Barks & Woofs, Local Tips, Playdates & Meetup, Party Time & Virtual Play Dates, Who's Feeling Silly? and Dogster Crushes
Flicka ~ CGC

NO-ONE is going- to sneak up on- my Mummy
Barked: Thu Apr 7, '11 6:46pm PST 
Lucky... I and others have been posting SEVERAL times DAILY in the Party Time thread since March 2008

Guess we dont need it as we have ONLY been posting this often for 3 years shock

The Senior Dog forum was requested repeatedly and only just finally was made. It was wanted and needed .

Whilst I agree and fail to see the benefit of some threads.... I am sure the folk who use them on a regular basis think otherwise.

As a poster above said.. some threads started as sponsored threads ....

bitches love- pantaloons
Barked: Thu Apr 7, '11 7:33pm PST 
There have already been several threads voicing our opinion on the topics and they've either been shut down or deleted
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