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Im just a little- guy
Barked: Mon Apr 4, '11 12:22pm PST 
I like dogster. I like the front page and the forums.

However I think the forums are overly moderated. I was reading a thread about white dobermans. It was closed. I was wondering why an informative thread with no nasty comments was closed. I did not know these dogs had multiple health problems. I learned something.

Other threads have been closed too, even when people where being respectful in their discussions.

It seems discussion is not tolerated much. Just because people disagree or the thread has some debates, does not make it out of the spirit of dogster.

What is the spirit of dogster? To always be agreeable? Personally I think discussions with some disagreements are part of forums. People have different opinions and this should be respected, not moderated and censored.

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Bruno CGC

Honorary Kelpie
Barked: Mon Apr 4, '11 1:10pm PST 
I don't think it is at all- they usually give people a chance to work things out before stepping in- look at some of the threads in B & T, for example. And I TOTALLY agree that when something has devolved into a flame war, it needs to end. (Or be prevented from happening in the first place.) I love how dogster has put politeness as a priority, because so many online forums are incredible harsh and rude, especially to new people who may not know the lingo yet. People learn better when they're not being yelled at or called ugly or stupid, after all. I think that this policy of politeness encourages people to think before posting, and that raises the tone all around. Also, dogster has a lot of very young posters and viewers, think under-12s even, so harsh treatment or profanity is not appropriate.

It sets dogster apart, and I like that. There are other forums around where people can yell and scream at each other.

I didn't see the white Doberman thread, but I've never seen a thread entirely closed for no reason. Sometimes posts get "bathed" that I thought were okay, but that's in response to flagging from USERS, not moderation from above. Mods and HQ rarely jump into anything unless it's been flagged by a significant number of people first, so you ought to be complaining to your fellow posters, I guess!

Member Since
Barked: Mon Apr 4, '11 2:08pm PST 
I think the white Dobbie thread had gone into a flame war, but they removed those posts. So looking at it now it looks fine.

Dogster is very moderated, and for the most part they are very good about it, but sometimes they bathe posts or shut down threads that I think should have continued. Oh well, no place is perfect.

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OG- Original- Goberian
Barked: Fri Apr 8, '11 11:33am PST 
I get frustrated with the moderation on this site sometimes too. BUT I think the Dogster forum guidelines encourage intelligent debate and discussion, and I do realllyyyyy appreciate that.

Just think of what it would be like if we could swear and say whatever we wanted on here...... sooo many threads would turn into people hurling insults and profanity at each other instead of having to actually come up with an intelligent and "on topic" response. I really like that Dogster never lets it get "personal", because at that point all healthy debate stops and things just get nasty.

So I guess it's a necessary evil but it keeps these forums rich with information and not just heated arguements! way to go

If you can roll- in the dirt, do- it!
Barked: Wed Jun 22, '11 12:13am PST 
I've had a couple posts that I was VERY surprised were "bathed". Supposedly there were 3 complaints about them, which was very strange imo. (It looked like a format letter saying this about 3 complaints.) I feel I put thought in posts and do not engage in flame warfare. I have seen other posts like this that were pulled for whatever reason. I have engaged in spirited opposition, but I don't do name calling, etc.

Addy, CGC

Let's go for a- walk!
Barked: Sat Jun 25, '11 10:59am PST 
I agree that sometimes posts get bathed when it doesn't seem justified.

But overall, Dogster lets discussion happen without allowing flamewars and ganging up that can happen on other online forums. If you'd ever been part of a forum that had its usefulness completely destroyed by lack of moderation, you'd feel differently about the moderation here. Yes, occasionally they have a hair-trigger--and other times I wonder how a really nasty thread goes on so long. But overall, they keep Dogster friendly and usable.

To Neuter is- Cuter!
Barked: Sun Jun 26, '11 2:21am PST 
It's a case-by-case basis, but I've seen instances of horrific over- and under-moderation. I think they'd have far fewer problems if they allowed members to block or permanently ignore other members on the forum. I've belonged to forums since AOL 3.0 came out way back in the day, and I've also operated a handful of forums (I own a .com) and this is the ONLY forum I have EVER seen where you can't permanently block/ignore a poster.
M.RY's- Utsukushii- At Pinnacle

Proud Heritage- Shows, NIPPO- Shiba Inu
Barked: Mon Jun 27, '11 7:50pm PST 

that would be great, there would be less conflict. I'm to the point I want to leave Dogster after all the nasty things I have been called and acussed of, would be great if I could just block those that think they need to tell me I'm scum because I don't agree with them but see things more openly.

I would be 100% all for that, I don't want to have to leave Dogster because a few of them "think" they know me, since I really like alot of Dogsters here.
Molly Doll (- In Loving- Memory)

Living life to- to the full at- the bridge
Barked: Tue Jul 5, '11 6:01am PST 
We are relatively new on here but the help and support we have had on here as been unreal. Molly was diagnosed with bone cancer and I came on here for support and its been so invaluable.
We have been given diet advise and holistic advise on her cancer.

Always hug your- puppy...
Barked: Wed Jul 6, '11 5:52am PST 
I think everything is just fine! Thank you HQ and Moderators!

A few weeks back, I was begging fur a moderator, and couldn't find one anywhere. I even posted on the HQ page on FB....still no response.

So...that being said! shrugshrugshrug
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