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Love- unconditionally.

Barked: Tue Mar 8, '11 7:04am PST 
I agree, Duncan-- it doesn't behoove anybody to make the community feel unloved and unheard! But what I meant by that is that they have whatever marketing techniques and site numbers are at their fingertips, and they want to try out Forum X because a sponsor pays them to see it tried, then it probably doesn't matter what one little person sends to them! NOT EVEN IF SHE IS THE CUTEST OF PAPILLONS. shock

Basically all I'm saying is, I will send them a suggestion on the big/little forum thing, but I'm not going to presume to tell them what to do with ALL the forums, or expect them to listen to me if I do. I will certainly draw their attention to this thread because I feel like there have been good suggestions and valid points, but from there, it's up to them to decide what's best to be done, not just for their pockets, or just for old users, or just for new users, but for everyone as a whole. Losing a bunch of people doesn't exactly do them any favors either way so I pretty much trust them not to do anything too awful. laugh out loud

ETA: Everyone, thanks very much for all the feedback. I didn't get quite as many respondents as I was hoping for but I'm really grateful for everyone who did weigh in and it was enough to solidify for me that if I do suggest that as a solution to the tensions, and it does get implemented, it won't make anything worse at least (because otherwise, that would be on my shoulders ya know, for suggesting it, and that's just not on-- I'm supposed to be here to HELP).

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st. francis of- asses
Barked: Tue Mar 8, '11 7:24am PST 
"I'm really grateful for everyone who did weigh in and it was enough to solidify for me that if I do suggest that as a solution to the tensions, and it does get implemented, it won't make anything worse at least"

Actually Eppy, I think the consensus was that we needed LESS forums or at least a way to hide them, not more.

All legs and no- tail
Barked: Tue Mar 8, '11 7:53am PST 
I think the fact that I did not even know this forum (and I have been am member on the site for almost six years) existed until today speaks to the fact that the forums are needlessly cluttered.

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Miss- Pig!
Barked: Tue Mar 8, '11 8:27am PST 
While i agree that some forums are pretty pointless, i would still hate to see them go. I think getting rid of a large number of the forums would result in loss of members which is exactly what dogster doesn't want. The great thing about this site is the fact it's so varied.

Love- unconditionally.

Barked: Tue Mar 8, '11 8:55am PST 
Harlow, this would be a change in name/focus for an already existing forum, not adding another. And again, I will definitely mention that the forums feel cluttered to some users and point to this thread as evidence. I really think the "hide" idea is an especially good one. That way people who DO like many forums can still enjoy it, and the people who are put off by it can at least benefit from a less cluttered view once they sign in!

Love- unconditionally.

Barked: Tue Mar 8, '11 10:02am PST 
Okay! I sent the following feedback to HQ via the contact form:


Dogster is, as always, a great place to be, but I have been noticing some tension among the forums on a certain issue (in case you don't recognize the name and email, I'm one of the mods, so I get to see my fair share of what little drama does happen here) and I have a suggestion that I hope could help to make it even better.

There's been enough kerfuffle about the Small Dogs forum that I decided to say something about it, in the event it has not already been brought to your attention. I know y'all in HQ must have a lot going on behind the scenes so while I certainly trust you to make good decisions as to any site changes because you have the info and experience, I do wonder how much of the forums pulse and general scuttlebutt you are privy to in your day to day affairs!

General consensus seems to be that giant breeds have just as many special considerations as the tinies, and there have been a lot of cries of Not Fair, even a whole thread someone made to wonder at what they viewed as the apparent "small dog favoritism" of Dogster.

I'd like to propose, instead of adding a new forum, a change in name and focus for the Small Dogs forum. Why not call it Size Matters, or something similar, and have it be a forum for discussing the special challenges that are unique to having a dog that is outside of the average size in either direction?

It's not a suggestion I came to lightly. I gave it a good think first, and to solidify my idea I talked it over with some other users via this thread here: http://www.dogster.com/forums/What_I_Love_About_Dogster/thread/70225 4 There were some good suggestions there. There does seem to be a general vibe that there are getting to be a few too many forums, which is why I think changing the existing one would be better than adding another. Some users like having lots of forums, some don't, and some feel just plain put out by it and think it makes the forums less busy and more segregated. Certainly there's no pleasing everyone, but I liked the idea someone suggested of putting in a "hide" function to customize individuals' forums pages to include only the ones they choose to frequent. So that is something to think about, anyway.

Digression aside, my main point is that I really think it would be nice to see the Small Dogs forum renamed to encompass Giant Dogs also. I think this tension is adding to a growing "big vs. little" resentment that I am seeing in some of the threads/posts, and it might be a good idea to address that in some way before it becomes a problem.

Thanks for your time!

For people who still feel they have suggestions or concerns not covered in this thread or in my feedback letter, I'd like to encourage you to send a brief note and make your voice heard as well. The best way to maintain our community as a place we want to stay involved in is, well, to be involved! Dogster, like any forum site, is something that we create together every day!

Yeaaah woohoo community spirit go team! cheer

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Here\'s my Wubba- - now play with- me!!
Barked: Tue Mar 8, '11 10:22am PST 
Hi Eppy, apparently this is a hot-button topic (I had no idea). I haven't read through all of the posts, just the first couple of pages, but I think if it were up to me I'd rather see a forum added for giant breeds and some of the others removed - basically everything after the "Dogster Central" category except "Other Barks and Woofs." I also think "Dogster Lifestyle, News and Entertainment" could be consolidated into the "Other Barks and Woofs" forum, though I'd hate to lose everything that is in those forums now.

With all of the...discontent...about the Small Dog forum that I remember seeing when it was first created I can't imagine that making one forum for both small breeds and giant breeds would help.

They Always Fall- for the Baby- Blues
Barked: Fri Mar 11, '11 2:19pm PST 
Well good to know HQ got the message. Though I think they have issues reading because then they went and added another forum.
Sarah, CWSR,- CWG1, CGC

Million Dollar- Mutt
Barked: Fri Mar 11, '11 4:30pm PST 
Agreed Bello! And then people were just in there having some good, clean fun... That forum was HOPPING, until everything got deleted...

Honestly a 'wet food' forum- that's sillier than silly! There is NO way you can say that wet food is not a part of food/nutrition... and now Rescue & B&T are all the way down towards the bottom frown
Dogster HQ

Barked: Fri Mar 11, '11 5:20pm PST 

We have closed this thread. Threads can be closed temporarily or permanently for a variety of reasons. Some of the most common reasons are: the thread has gone off topic; the thread is not in the 'spirit' of Dogster; the thread is no longer fun, friendly or informational; the thread has been discussed at length in other threads; or we cannot provide adequate moderation at this time.

Please let HQ know if you have any questions.


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