Slightly messed up account/profile?

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Did I hear- WALK?!?!
Barked: Mon Feb 21, '11 10:54am PST 
I have not checked Dogster in a while, and now I see some things are different about my profile. I noticed my forums motto was just "Did I hear", but I had never changed it from "Did I hear walk?!?!" (I've changed it back now.) Also, when I click "My Account", I can't see my PupPal requests or responses at all... There's no link to click to it like there used to be. Is this just me being thick? Have I missed something? I'd really like to see my requests and stuff. confused I mean, if I go to my profile I can see my pals and click to see all my pals, there's just no link for requests on the "My Account" page. Oh yeah, and the other thing that's bugging me is that when I click "My Account", next to the "Who's Online" thing, there's a link next to it that just says [Login.

Is anyone else having this problem? How could I fix it? Sorry this is so long and confusing! Thanks!

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I can get out of- anything...
Barked: Mon Feb 21, '11 11:38am PST 
Maybe try with a different browser? All my links are ok...