I am gladmommy found Dogster

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Maggie (I'm- Moms Angel- Now)

Punish the DEED- NOT The Breed!!!
Barked: Mon Jan 10, '11 7:44pm PST 
Hey all Maggie here. I want to say I am glad that my mommy found Dogster as most of you here have been a big help to mommy with providing her with links to other sites that have info on my mystery illness. It seems like mommy may have the answer to what is causing my seizures and will be talking with the vet who has been treating me so far. I just wanted to pop in and say thanks dogsters for helping mommy and not saying that she needs to take me to the vet for a final time.

Barked: Fri Jan 14, '11 8:30pm PST 
Hi Maggs. smile Typist is happy to have found dogster and catster too. Not only has she received wonderful info, she has also made so many friends on here who have been with her through her saddest and happiest of times. Sometimes Typist has a really bad day and doesn't think properly and considers leaving dogster and catster, but of course it'll never happen. There's no way she could ever leave her bestest friends.

If your mommy ever wants to be a kid again and meet some cool pups, tell her to hang out with us in crushes. XD