How did you find out about Dogster??

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Sadie Jo- Forever in- our hearts

Helping others - one dog at a- time
Barked: Sun Feb 20, '11 6:52am PST 
It was 3-4 years ago I was trying to find some training info on American Pit Bull Terriers and Dogster popped up, we've been hooked.
Buttercup- ♥

Reeses Peanut- Butter Cups
Barked: Sun Feb 20, '11 6:06pm PST 
I found out about Dogster the same way you did! Dogchannel is not as fun as Dogster, and I'm so glad I found out about it. puppy

Treats?? Oh- yeahhh!!
Barked: Sun Feb 20, '11 6:30pm PST 
While in a petstore one night, a really nice young woman was talking to my hubby and I about our puppies and she mentioned Dogster to us, but just as a great info site all about dogs. Sounded really cool so I checked it out and loved that Riley could have his own profile. I didn't realize it was kinda like Facebook for dogs, but LOVE it!! I really like being able to read everyone's stories, diaries and see some really cute pups. Hubby hears me say, "Awwww! Soooo cute!!" and laughs and tells me I think they're all cute. Well, they ARE!! LOVE this site! big grin

Jax (earned- her wings- 5/30/12)

Give me your- toy.
Barked: Sat Apr 23, '11 8:40pm PST 
I was surfing the internet looking for interesting dog websites. I came across Dogster.
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