Is there a halt to admin privileges?

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Captain- Thumper

it's- all- mine
Barked: Sun Aug 1, '10 9:52am PST 
We have this posted in Catster and now are bringing it here.....As an admin we have certain abilities to control our group, one is the ability to remove a post in the message area, this now seems to not be our right and one has to wonder how long it will take HQ to act upon a removal of a post that will not be allowed or we feel should be removed....
The feature button to "delete" is still there,but you cannot do it, you will get a message stating this, and it does not matter if your an admin or even the creator of the group....you cannot do it! The message you will get is "There Was a Problem-Now that's weird.
We cannot delete this message. For security's sake we need to halt this request and log it so as to ensure no one deletes a mail that they shouldn't. So we're sorry you saw this error, just use your browser's back button and everything will return to normal."

Another not so great item is censorship of words,while censorship to ensure the post are clean or suitable for a child of 7 is a great notion....perhaps refining your program is in order....the censorship is picking on everyday common and g-rated words....don't believe me,try to spell "wrist watch" properly,it is one word- and we cannot use it,we are told it needs to be g-rated..shockthinking
Another occured when we tried to give a description of a Sally light footed crab living on the Galapagos Island, a living,breathing creature,a crab! What is next-what word will you find not worthy to use?shrug

Barked: Mon Aug 2, '10 5:27pm PST 
I agree with everything you said, Thumper. Admin should have those rights.

Are you having problems adding links to your group's page? We've not been able to add a link in over a week to any of the groups we're an admin in. When I click to add a link it tells give some spill about my not being a member of the group. I emailed Dogster when I noticed there was a problem. The first message I got from Dogster told me they were on vacation. A couple of days later I got an email stating the techno dogs were working on it. As of today, it's still not working.